Using Nikon Transfer - Instructions for PrintEXIF users

Jan 28, 2005
Cary, NC
Since the instructions about using Nikon Transfer were not as clear as they needed to be to get the uninitiated through the process of using the PrintEXIF script, here are detailed instructions on its use. Nikon Transfer is bundled with the Nikon View software, so it is necessary to install Nikon Transfer even if you don't intend to use it as an image browser. I am assuming in the following instructions that a CF card with Nikon image files has been loaded into a card reader that is connected to the PC/Mac. Also, close any Auto Play dialog box that appears.

First, open Nikon View and go to the Tools menu. Select "Launch Nikon Transfer ...":

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The following Nikon Transfer dialog box will appear:

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Click on the "screwdriver and wrench" icon in the upper right corner of the dialog box ("transfer options"). A new dialog box will appear. Click on the Transfer tab:

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Select all of the options, including the one that says, " Copy shooting data ...". Click "OK".

An optional step is to add more personal information to the IPTC fields about yourself. To do that, click on the "i" icon in the upper right corner of the initial Nikon Transfer dialog box:

View attachment 6614

Click "Details":

View attachment 6615

Add any information that you want to be imbedded in your image files (name, copyright info, location, etc.) EXCEPT in the caption field. Leave the caption field blank. Click "OK". You will be returned to the initial Nikon Transfer dialog box:

View attachment 6616

At this point you may want to change the folder and file names of the image files and folders that will reside on your PC/Mac. Click on the "Change" button and in the following dialog box set the options to be compatible with your workflow.

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I use a folder name prefix that identifies the camera body and a suffix that identifies the date of the image transfer. I tranfer the image files themselves without altering the names of the files ("Original file name" option).

Click "OK". In the initial Nikon Transfer dialog box, click the yellow double headed arrow button and the transfer will begin.

View attachment 6618

The images will be tranferred to the designated folder on your PC/Mac and the IPTC caption field will have the shooting data (EXIF) that PrintEXIF needs.

I hope this helps those who are not familiar with Nikon View and Nikon Transfer. You may want to print these instructions for future reference (since the images will not be kept in PBase forever). If you have questions, please post them to this thread.

Feb 4, 2005
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Thank you a bundle Joe. This was such a big help and something that I was looking for. These instructions were nothing like I interpreted in your other posts. In fact, I didn't know that the camera had to be connected and I didn't know what Nikon Transfer was and all of the settings that needed to be set so this is the big kicker that will help everyone who wants to add the EXIF to their pictures.

So thank you so much from a dummy (me) :oops:
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