Using the 8-200 AF ED hand held

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  1. Using the 80-200 AF ED hand held

    I was shooting an event, and had the d70/28-70 mounted on a flash bracket. It was time to put on the tele lens to take some tight candid shots, but taking the camera off the bracket is a chore, so I just removed the 28-70 and replaced it with the 80-200. I always use a monopod with the telephoto lens, but that doesn't work well with the flash bracket, so I decided to give it a try hand held and see if I could catch a few shots. The results surprised me.

    1/320s f/4.5 at 200.0mm

    1/320s f/4.0 at 200.0mm
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    1/125s f/4.0 at 112.0mm
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    1/80s f/4.5 at 100.0mm
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    1/160s f/4.5 at 105.0mm
    View attachment 14320

    I think the trick is that I wasn't shooting from very far away, with the longest shots being from 25 feet. At those distances, it's apparently possible to get sharp results, even with the non-VR lens.
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  2. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Great faces Frank! You have steady hands. I'll bet that roller-girl is steady too! :wink:
  3. Thanks, Professor. I love that sculpture :Love: . Reminds me of the Good Old Days. Are you old enough to remember roller-waitresses?
  4. Frank,

    I don't see why that lens wouldn't yield sharp images hand-held. As long as you keep your shutter speed high-enough, sharpness should be just fine. The old rule of thumb that recommends using a shutter speed at the inverse of the focal length should really be revised to take into account the 1.5 crop factor, so at 200mm, you'll typically need 1/320s or faster... which is essentially what you did here (nice pics by the way).

    Of course, YMMV, depending on how many cups of coffee you had before the shoot! :wink:
  5. The key here is the flash, right?

    I regularly take flash shots with a 70-200 VR with VR off and an SB800. So long as there isn't enough ambient light to light the subject, I find I can shoot at 200mm and 1/60 without any problems.

    Using a flash at anything lower than full power is akin to very high shutter speeds.

    This crop is 1/60, f5.6, 200mm, hand held, VR off with flash.


    I think the nice thing is you don't get fussy shadows, I guess because of the distance to the subject.
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  6. From the SB800 manual:

    1/1 power is 1/1050 sec.
    1/2 power is 1/1100
    1/4 power is 1/2700
    1/8 power is 1/5900
    1/16 power is 1/10900
    1/128 power is 1/41600!
  8. In that case I will refer to you as the "human tripod" from now on. ;) I could never hand hold to the sharpness you display above.

    The shot of the statue definitely looks like it was illuminated by ambient light.
  9. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    At A&W for sure. They still do it at Sonic, but they know they're being retro.
  10. I've been called worse :cool:.
  11. I can live without the old service, nice as it was.

    But there was something about hamburgers back then. I mean way back, to the 60s and early 70s. I have no idea what it was, but I haven't had it in many years.

    Last time was a hamburger joint on I-80 in Iowa in the Summer of 1982. I was driving from Denver to New Jersey and stopped to have dinner.

    I bet I could even hand hold a 200mm lens back then. :)