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Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by ShaunK, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. I just dowloaded xmarks so that I can sync my bookmarks between my computers, but it's a little lacking in directions. The site says that to sync my bookmarks btwn. computers, all I have to do is load xmarks on both and it just works. But I have some questions: 1. For each computer, I had to create a different user name? So now I have 2 user names? Can that be right? I would have thought one user name/one account and then the program would sync using that? 2. I tried syncing, but it seems to do nothing. Do I sync from the computer I want the bookmarks on, or the one they are on already??? And when I sync, it gives me no options, such as "sync these bookmarks to this computer..." It simply syncs and says it's done, but I see no results. Help!!! :smile:
  2. What's wrong with using MobileMe to sync bookmarks, etc.? That's what I have used for years and it works quite nicely, syncs all the computers and the iPads and iPhone with the same bookmarks. When I make a change to a bookmark in one machine or another, the others all get the change almost immediately. I also sync contacts and other things as well.
  3. I've just never used Mobile Me, Connie... I've heard of it... don't I have to sign up for an account of something?
  4. odd, I've been using XMarks for several years, didn't have to create different usernames, use the same one on each PC/Mac.

  5. Yes, MobileMe right now requires an annual subscription but rumor has it that eventually it will be free, or at least they will restructure things with different price tiers for levels of service. I've had it since the days when it was called "dot Mac," and it really wasn't until I got the first iPhone that I began to realize the value of it as far as being able to sync so many devices.....
  6. Well, it does cost a hundred bucks a year. That is one barrier. I used it via the free trial and decided it was not worth the cost. Everyone's mileage may vary, of course.
  7. I thought XMarks was phased out - I now use FireFox Sync. Works fine across all platforms - is MobileMe limited to macs?
  8. That is a good question, Jim, and one that I didn't have an answer for, as I had always assumed it was for Macs only. Since my household is a Mac-only one it was a moot point in my case anyway. Your question stimulated me to find out more about it, though:

    MobileMe: Supported system requirements
    Last Modified: January 26, 2011
    Article: HT4264

    This article explains the supported system requirements for the best experience with MobileMe, as well as the minimum system requirements for using MobileMe.

    Products Affected
    MobileMe, MobileMe Calendar
    Recommended system requirements

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: iOS 4.2 or later
    Mac: Mac OS X v10.6.6, Safari 5 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, iLife '11
    PC: Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 (32-bit version); Safari 5 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, or Internet Explorer 8; iTunes 10.1 or later; MobileMe Control Panel for Windows 1.6.4.
    Note: These are the minimum system requirements for using free Find My iPhone and MobileMe Calendar. (Mac OS X v10.5.8 has limited functionality with the new MobileMe Calendar. See this article for more information.)

    Minimum system requirements

    Note: The below list of minimum system requirements does not apply to the new MobileMe Calendar (for which the requirements are specified in the above list).

    iPhone or iPod touch: iOS 3.1.3.
    iPad: iOS 3.2.
    Mac: Mac OS X v10.5.8 Leopard; Safari 4 or later, or Firefox 3.5.
    PC: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, or Windows XP SP3; Safari 4, Firefox 3.5, or Internet Explorer 7; iTunes 9.2, MobileMe Control Panel for Windows v1.6.1.
    In addition to the above system requirements, Mac and PC require broadband Internet access. iPad with Wi-Fi and iPod touch require a Wi-Fi connection for over-the-air updates. iPhone and iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G require a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Fees may apply.
  9. Hmm, yeah, I had to load it onto both laptops, and each one asked for a different user name... ???

    Not for me, not at that cost!

    Will have to look at Firefox sync... since I use FF, that might be the ticket. Not impressed with Xmarks right now, but then, I like very simple and dummy proof! :tongue:
  10. XMarks is alive and well. It was taken over by LastPass - the password manager.

    I use both and they are both excellent products. Xmarks allows sync between FF, IE, Safari on different platforms. Mobile Me cannot do that.

    As far as passwords are concerned, I used to use RoboForm, but they never came out with a decent Mac solution. So I switched to LastPass and I'm glad I did. It's free, works well and is also platform/browser independent. They also have an iPad app so you can use it on your iPad.

    BTW, there is an optional premium bundle available for LastPass/xMarks for $25 per year. I paid for that because I want to reward good products and help keep them alive.
  11. This is the key between FF4's's just for FF. I understand it works well, even w/ FF on mobile platforms, but again, not cross browser. Here at work I have to use IE (we were just allowed to upgrade from IE6 to 8, due to SAP application compatibility) so XMarks is critical for me.
  12. ejhyun


    Feb 6, 2009
    You should not have created a second user id and password. After installing on the second computer, use the login feature. Then it will sync everything that is associated with that account.
  13. TommyO


    Oct 16, 2008
    West Michigan
    Chrome's built in sync works good, but ... it won't sync across browsers, so you only use Chrome. Same with Firefox sync. That was the real bonus from x-marks - you could synch all your browsers easily.
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