Valley Blue Sox - N(ew) E(ngland) C(ollege) B(aseball) L(eague)

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  1. Shot the team's second home game (fourth overall) last Sunday, and hope to shoot more tonight. Here are pics from last weekend:

    1) Starting Pitcher
    Starting Pitcher (7 innings, 1 run, 3 hits).JPG

    2) Ball on Bat
    Ball on Bat.JPG
    3) All Out
    All Out.JPG

    4) Digging In
    Digging In.JPG

    5) Charging Shortstop
    Charging Shortstop.JPG
    6) Out or Safe?
    Out or Safe-.JPG
    7) Rundown
    8) First Reliever
    First Reliever.JPG
    9) Final Reliever
    Second Reliever.JPG

    This ended up being a four-hour-plus but only 9 inning game. Blue Sox went into the eighth leading 11-1 and the first reliever (and four others) gave up eight runs in the 8th and 9th. The final reliever came in with two men on base and struck out two batters in a row. Twenty runs in all, and plenty of men left on base.

    The next two nights I watched the Red Sox, both games into overtime, and both games over four hours in length. It has taken me another two days to recover my sleep.
  2. A good set capturing the action.

  3. Outstanding action series.. :)
  4. Thanks, Alan. My cameras (d7000, d600) are stretched to the focusing limit for this kind of action. But I enjoy shooting it.
  5. Thank you, Jim. One of the pleasures of shooting baseball is that you can often figure out where the action is likely to be. On the other hand, its a big field .....
  6. Thanks, Chris. Now I don't even have to think about it for the remainder of the season. :)
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    I am just seeing these now but agree with what others have said - you have captures a lot of baseball moments!
  8. Thank you Allen. It is sometimes hard to stay focused on the action as a photographer. Occasionally I find myself just watching rather than shooting. Guess it doesn't pay to be both a fan and a photographer.