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  1. It has been a fantastic week for wildflowers in our corner of the world. The warm February followed by a cold March has compressed the blooming season so that everything seems to be blooming at once. My wife and I have been out in the woods and glades every day since Monday.

    Here are a few from today only.

    1. Wood anemone

    2. Fringed polygala

    3. Perfoliate bellwort

    4. Columbine

    5. Fire pink

    6. Dwarf iris
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  2. Beauties, Jim...! :)
  3. Ah spring! You capture those so well Jim.
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    Tony Saya
    Very nice Jim
  5. SteveK


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    Nice Jim! We've been getting warm afternoons, so the snow is deflating, but it will still be about a month and a half before any flowers bloom here. We now have 15 hours 20 minutes of sunshine, and it is light from 5:30 AM until 10:30 PM. We are gaining 7 minutes/day of sunlight.
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    More beauties Jim!
  7. Nicely captured evidence of spring new growth. I love that you name each one....not that I will remember but ...
  8. Thanks, guys. I just record what nature provides.
  9. Thanks, Steve. You have beautiful scenery up there, but I'm glad our growing season is a bit longer.:)
  10. Thanks, Mike.

    Thanks, Bob. My wife is a walking encyclopedia of wildflowers and she insists on naming and captioning all of our flower photos.
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  11. Terrific work as usual, Jim! And Beth's expertise is a very good complement to your photography.:D
  12. Thanks, Eric. Actually, it started out the other way. I got into DSLR photography back in 2005 to help her get better pictures of wildflowers.
  13. You probably mentioned that to me earlier, Jim; in any case, the two of you constitute a formidable and admirable team.