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Vegetarian Recipes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by staceylynn, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Warning - do not click the link if you are easily offended by the meat industry (as I am) or have a weak stomach. Mods, you can remove it if need be.

    Last month, after watching this documentary on how some meat processing plants work, as well as how animals are treated to be used for leather and so on, my boyfriend and I took the dive to become vegetarian. We live on the farm I grew up on and living in the country, we are surrounded by other farms, so eating meat again may become an option once we look into local farms and getting our own.

    Anyway, with that said, it's been a month and I'm running out of dinner ideas! I have looked at tons of websites but being new to this, I don't even know what half of the things listed in the ingredients are. I also prefer recipes that others have used and tried and KNOW are good...and would love to share.

    I am looking into the option of broiler hens as an option to raise and butcher myself...but until then it's a little dairy and no meat. We LOVE fruits and veggies, pastas, casserole's, rice and so on.

    Anyway, just curious if anyone else here is vegetarian (no worries, I'm not going to preach) and/or if you have any vegetarian recipes? If interested, I can post a few of mine that I have come up with that turned out amazingly well.

    Thanks in advance! Also, if you're interested in a lifestyle change, I would strongly suggest watching the video above.
  2. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    Stacey...oh my gosh...I can't believe what I just saw...surely not...that made me cry. That was horrific. :frown:
  3. StacyLynn
    I have Celiac Disease so I stay away from wheat oats barley and rye...but have a great veggie lasagne recipe. I try to limit the meat I buy too.
    Make some Polenta...pour it out into a jellyroll pan and let it cool. Cut it into strips the same size as lasagne noodles. Make your favorite spagetti sauce...put lots o vegetables in it like carrots zucchini and mushrooms. ...then just layer it like lasagne starting on the bottom with the sauce then the polenta strips and then cheese if you like it and then sauce and polenta and finish with cheese. Then just cook it in the oven till heated throuhg and bubbly at 350degrees. Take it out of the oven and let it sit for about 10-15mins like regular lasagne and then cut it in squares.
    I always use it in the august when the zucchini are just popping off the vines daily.
  4. Hi Staceylynn,

    My girlfriend and I are not vegetarians. However, we try to eat healthy locally grown food. Look in quality supermarkets for organic chicken and meats. These animals are almost always treated more humanely and you are supporting local growers, local economies and getting better quality food. As a vegetarian you have to be careful that you eat a right mix of grains, nuts, beans to ensure that you get the protein that you are not eating by not eating meat. As far as other foods, try couscous (pasta like grain that mixes well with vegetables and sauces) or Quinoa (a Peruvian grain that is naturally high in protein and also blends well with vegetables, sauces and other rice like ingredients). Quinoa has a slightly nutty flavor, cooks in about 20 minutes (cooking it like you cook rice). When shopping look for whole grains and brown rice (these are much healthier because the food is unadulterated with most of its naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes, etc still intact).

    Lastly, educate yourself and READ THE INGREDIENTS; many claims are made on labels that are not true or inaccurate. You will find that you do your best shopping by shopping along the supermarket's periphery (that's where the fresh food is, the interior has most of the processed food). Use this rule of thumb and ask yourself this question when shopping; Would my great grandmother recognize this as food?

    Hope this helps and happy eating.

  5. Cleo68


    Jul 7, 2008
    Bedford, MA
    Eat out a lot. Find one great veggie restaurant and stick with it. That's what I did for nearly two years when I was living in Boston. I tried to make tofu recipes and failed miserably. There are also a lot of great frozen meals you can get at places like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. I am no longer a vegetarian. I think when I became pregnant with my first, I just got too afraid of not getting him proper nutrition - I can't cook to save my life. I used to force my husband to eat fake bacon. He actually liked it. So they've come a long way with flavors, etc. Although, I'm sure many veggies aren't so interesting in things that 'taste' like meat, lol. I took a lot of slack when I didn't eat meat. I didn't eat red meat, chicken, or seafood. I did, however, eat eggs and milk products. And I ate a lot of beans. It was frustrating going to restaurants and ordering garden burgers because most of the time, they were just using the same friggin spatula and grill to use the regular burgers. I didn't watch the video. I know I'd be completely grossed out. I always sort of felt like if we were meant to eat meat, we would've had fangs. But whatever. Don't think there should be a stigma attached to being a meat eater, or a non-meat eater. It's like anything else I guess. Many people just don't like things that are different from what they know. Good luck with your quest. Let us know if you find any great recipes cause I might want to try them out on my family.
  6. Phil


    Nov 25, 2007
    Thanks for the post, It got me thinking and pi--ed off how animals are treated.
  7. Look for the Vegetarian Epicure series, and any of the Moosewood cookbooks. Also, Madhur Jaffreys "World Vegetarian".
  8. We eat a lot of tofu. My wife is a vegetarian. The key for me is properly spicing the food and keeping the vegetables only lightly cooked so they retain their flavor.

    Fortunately for me, she still eats seafood.

    Are you going vegan?
  9. Cleo68


    Jul 7, 2008
    Bedford, MA
    Baby steps, baby steps... :wink:
  10. rocketliv

    rocketliv Guest

    I have been a vegetarian since I was 14. Never had a taste for it and the more I learned about the process the more I couldn't bring myself to eat it. I will work on compiling some recipes for you. I love seafood!!! Yum!! I also eat dairy so I am not a vegan but I do buy organic dairy and some organic fruits. Organic milk tastes a lot better to me then regular milk. Yum! Okay I will be back with recipes for ya!
  11. You guys are amazing. It seems there is a stigma attached to vegetarians, especially here in the south, and like Cleo said, it's merely a decision one makes, so I really do appreciate the support.

    I do not intend on going vegan, as I love dairy -though we have switched to almost all organic and hopefully next year I'll have a few laying hens to get our own eggs from. We live on a farm so why not take advantage of it?

    I do eat shrimp and scallops, but that's the only seafood. I LOVE seafood and used to eat everything, but I have cut back to those two things.

    I'm making sure to eat a lot of beans, rice and pasta and tons of veggies and fruits. I am also learning how to spice things properly and surprising enough, all of the recipes I've made from scratch have been a thousand times better than the pre-packaged ones.

    Hopefully by next spring I'll have enough information and our hen house and barn done up enough to start raising laying hens and broilers for meat. We are hoping to find enough surrounding farms to only buy local, be it produce (though I plan on planting my own next year as well), dairy or what have you.

    I will write up some of my recipes to post here as well later tonight. :) 
  12. Welcome to the vegetarian club. I've been a vegetarian for the past 17 years. I can't stand the callous attitude society has taken toward meat and the suffering we inflict upon these creatures so we can have our pound of flesh for breakfast, lunch and dinner (have you noticed McDonalds is now pushing chicken for breakfast?)

    PETA is a great resource for vegetarian recipes. While you are there, also look at the Meet Your Meat video. It is also very revealing. I did not sleep for three nights after watching that.

    Check out Morning Star Farm products in the frozen food section. Their Chick Nuggets are the best. They make a great soy-based hot dog, as well. Every time I see someone downing a hot dog I think of the Peta video of those pigs going into scalding tanks still alive. Horrible stuff, but we are shielded from it as consumers. I think every child ought to be shown these films as part of their health classes, just as they ought to visit the cancer ward to see a lifetime smoker in the final stages of lung cancer. Our society is in denial about so many horrible things, and they are things that just don't have to be this way. We don't need meat to live; indeed, if humans went vegetarian, there would be plenty of food for all.

    Congratulations on your decision.
  13. I had seen that "meet your meat" video before, but I swear the one I posted it 10x more horrendous. It took me 3 days to watch it all because it made me so sick.

    I also believe we are being shielded from a lot of things and it's a shame that these things aren't illegal and it all comes down to money.

    While I don't think meat is necessary and we're still discussing raising our own, I think IF you do eat it, there is a right way for that animal to live it's life and then be put down in the end. There is definitely a wrong way and I cannot live with myself supporting such inhumane tactics.

    Thanks for the brand name, I will be sure to keep a lookout for it. I have tried the ground vegetable protein and it was pretty good, though it is textured like meat and I really couldn't stomach that after watching the video.
  14. I'm vegetarian, too. I think picking up a cookbook or two will help provide some ideas (some of the Moosewood series work for me). I like using couscous, lentils, peas, mushrooms, rice, salads, fruit, black beans, tofu, falafel, etc. I'm not vegan as I like ice cream too much-- and keeping some dairy in my diet helps as one of the main things I keep in mind is to get enough vitamin B12.

    It's fairly simple to adopt some of the recipes you know (like tacos) by substituting non-meat ingredients.

    Good luck with your journey. I'm afraid to look at the attached web page, btw :smile:
  15. Khaisy


    Jan 3, 2008

    lots of good recipies, Lebanese food . if you were close by I would have invited both of you for the best meal.. My wife are very good cooks.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2008
  16. I respect vegetarians and their decisions. Unfortunately for me, I'm too weak to not eat meat. I tried it for several months, but the cravings were just too strong. I wish you guys the best!
  17. What about plants? Doesn't anyone care about plants and their feelings?

    What modern farmers do to unprocessed vegetables is disgusting. They come along in huge machines and slaughter plants by the millions. Scientists claim to have recorded the "screams" of tortured plants. Then they are rudely shoved into packing crates by the calloused hands of migrant workers, many of them here illegally and working only for money. They don't care anything about the harm they're causing to plant life in general and vegetables in particular. Plus, these workers routinely defecate in the fields in which they work. It's no wonder we read every day about diseases carried in our non processed fruits and veggies.

    The food I eat is almost exclusively vegetarian, but I prefer my vegetable matter fully processed using Natures way. It begins when a gentle animal, a cow for example, grazes slowly over the plant matter, lovingly harvesting each bite with real empathy for the plant which is about to meet it's maker, or processor to be more accurate. Simultaneously rich fertilizer is returned to the field, which in combination with a little rainfall, will complete the plants life cycle as Nature intended.

    Slowly the animal gently converts the plant matter into fully processed vegatables and at the proper time, these vegatables are harvested and sold as steaks. When I toss one on the grill this vegeterian is in vegie heaven, I can tell you that. Wash it down with a little barley based beverage and you'll never look at an unprocessed vegatables the same way again.

    Shortcutting Natures way by eating unprocessed vegetable matter is a crime against Nature as far as I'm concerned. It may also be a sin. Think about it. Otherwise why would meat be so danged tasty?

  18. Priceless!!!!:biggrin:

    I'm an omnivore, and recognize that the environmental consequences of raising plant and animals for human food (either to be eaten directly or indirectly) are pretty dire for the world. We can do better,or else!:Teeth:

    When I read the book "Fast food nation" I was less appalled by the treatment of animals than I was by the treatment of humans working in meat packing and other plants. It's a big reason my daughter gave up red meat.

    Our food footprint is way too big. As long as we are still shipping food half way around the globe and causing poverty and human and environmental suffering at the same time we ALL have to share the blame and the guilt!

    Now Bob, where is that beer, and some fermented grape juice please!:biggrin:
  19. leahp26


    Apr 28, 2008
    Southern NH
    Hey Stacey - Good for you, I think it's great that you fee so strongly about this and are acting accordingly. I too am afraid to watch the video but would describe myself as about 80% vegetarian - I'll eat meat if we're at a friends house and I eat fish and dairy but if I'm cooking for myself I would almost never buy meat (although when I'm in the UK I HAVE to have at least one bacon sandwich just because it's so tasty!) - I'm not huge on the texture (can't stand ground meat) but have also read various books about the meat industry which have spooked me.

    I would second the vote for Morningstar - they do frozen spicy black bean burgers which are excellent (microwave/broil/grill), no fake meat texture and tons of flavor.

    I'll often make risotto (saute fine chopped onion, add arborio rice, slowly add stock - at the end add in sauteed mushrooms (cook separately to prevent risotto going grey) and parmesan cheese) - mmm.

    Also marinate portobello mushrooms in a baggie with olive oil, herbs, balsamic vinegar then cook on the grill - you won't miss your steak

    Roast beets in the oven for a couple of hours, remove skins, toss with salad leaves, goat cheese, pine nuts (or those ready glazed walnuts in the nut section of the supermarket) and dressing - very tasty and good for you

    Good luck - I'm interested to hear about the hens - you'll have to post some photos!
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