Very early impressions about the D500 (just to add NAS for those who still have to get it)

Mar 23, 2007
Collecchio, northern Italy
Lol, I hope you'll appreciate a bit of humour, although the camera is SOOOO serious.

So, today I made a very quick trip to my dealer in Liguria to trade what I had and relative boxes, papers etc with the D500. I forgot to get back also the Tamrac backpack (Tamron offers it with the 150-600, they say it's worth "200 €" ?) and once at home I immediately registered to the local italian website. Just for the files, mine is serial #6001xxx just like my D600. Now I have only to wait for the Tamron 70-200 I've already ordered as well and then the kit will be complete (until I get a proper wide angle wider than 16mm - more on that later)

I had with me the XQD Lexar 2933x 64 GB, allowing for 1.3k RAW images in 14bit lossless compressed or about 1.7 k in 12 bit, exactly as specified in the manual. I also had one of the "infamous" En-El 15 Li-Ion 1 batteries (which worked) fully charged so I could take pictures from minute 00:01 that I turned on the camera. I also purchased one extra Li-Ion 20 (besides the camera's, another Li-Ion 20, so I should be fine) so that I'm sure not to run out of power, especially next saturday when the D500 will have its baptism of fire at a local soccer match. Although I've already done some presets with Snapbridge, tomorrow I'll figure out how to use practically to share images as I take them from the stadium.

Just for the files, and differently than previously specified, I got it with the 16-80 kit lens instead of the Tamron 15-30. I chose versatility and a little cheaper offer over performances.

D500 vs D600 vs F6 - early handling
Being the F6 the heaviest and sturdiest of them all, the D600, while not being "heavy" at all, gave that impression; the D500 underlines instead a sense of robustness and confidence. I think the different grip and the material itself contribute to this immediate user feeling. The D500 looks more like F6 also for the grip shape.

F6 wins hand down and of course also D600 now I realize that was bigger, D500 in comparison seems "littler because farther" but it's clear and it's amazing viewing it fully covered by those squared AF points who make me think of the D3s I worked with once. As others said, they APPEAR bigger than FF, we'll see if this will lead to less focusing accuracy or not. I immediately realize I have to set the diopter, despite, wearing glasses, I thought it should have been fine on its neutral position. Wrong. I have to turn all the way down the + side to have the image clear and sharp to my eyes.

When I was at the shop, I only take a few pic, one (with VR off) of the salesgirl and a short burst just to verify everything was working finely. Everything worked. On a side note, for me coming from the D600, AF speed and 10 fps are truly night and day - if you aren't accustomed to it by much more expensive bodies you have to try it for yourself.

D500 is RESPONSIVE and FAST ! While Aperture still can't open its RAW (no idea if it will be ever updated), I downloaded NX-D and started viewing them with it. When I was back home, my wife was on the terrace hanging the laundry on the clotheshorse, not even 6 ft away from me. Once in AF-C with nothing preset aside CH, I shot against a burst when she was moving against me. 20 .NEF in two split seconds, amazing ! While I still have to scrutinize them, I remember the D600 thinking a lot about it, not only because of the lesser frame rate but in general AF performance was definitely worse, this is lightning fast even with the kit lens.

Actually, while I have preset copyright info and snapbridge, I basically switched WiFi, bluetooth and everything off until tomorrow.

The only two images (also on another thread) I'm willing to share now - it's midnight over here now - are these.

Laura - 1/100s, f/5.6, 1600 iso @ 80 mm, VR OFF WB auto0 (hold whites?)
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and my son Ashu, 1/400s, f/3.2, 10.000 iso @ 32 mm, VR OFF WB auto0
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Tomorrow I'll check it also for pairing with my Zeiss lenses.


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