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  1. Tomato! I grew these on my back patio, they are sooo good.
    Vivitar Series 1 105 2.5 Macro
    Nikon D200
    50% crop

  2. Great job! I own the optical twin of that lens -- the Vivitar 100mm 2.8. Same optics made by Kiron, not branded as a Series 1 and with a different focusing ring. I had a Vivitar 105mm 2.5 as well and it was also really good but I sold it (the 100mm 2.8 was in better condition).

    They are just terrific lenses. I love how the focusing ring turns forever, you can really get the focus precise.
  3. Homegrown tomatoes are the best! You got a nice sharp image of them. Looks like the Vivitar is a winner. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Yummy!! Wonderful image, they look like they're ready for a salad!!
  5. They look delicious. Cherry tomatoes? I grow them in big pots.
  6. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    niceeeeeeeee this the .25 lens Ned was talkin about? lol

    ...asa kid we would invade a patch of these with salt and pepper shakers in hand,, talk about yummy:eek:
  7. Thanks, Big Daddy! It is a joy to use this lens.
  8. wow, great detail
  9. Thanks, Tom
    Yes, those little tomatoes are like candy to me.
  10. Thanks, Crystall!
    I had though about a salad, but they don't usually make it that far:biggrin:
  11. Yep, Cherries! Mine is in a big pot also.
  12. Thanks, Nute! No, this is my other cheap lens.
  13. Thanks Dave! You know, I was just thinking how perfect these little Tomatoes
    look while viewing with the naked eye, but when they are placed under magnification, it shows their small imperfections (like the bumpy skin, instead of the smooth appearance)
  14. Well, looks like a "jewel" of a lens to me...
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