Video recording euqipment suggestions...

Jul 30, 2006
Southern California
I am on a committee for my church to look into purchasing equipment for video recording. We are wanting to use it for both live streaming and recording for posting to the Internet. I have no clue about this stuff. I though maybe knowledgable people here might be able to point me in the right direction. No budget is set yet :biggrin: so I'll take any suggestions, but my feeling is that we won't be purchasing the best. Not webcam quality, either, though. :wink: The audio/microphone is a non-issue because we will connect it to our existing audio. Thanks!
May 27, 2006
Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
I fill that role at our church - I have an old DV camcorder mounted up high that streams the signal out to my laptop over firewire repeaters and record into Premiere Pro (or streams over Ustream when needed). I don't even use the DV tape - I just take the video signal out. I also use the D7000 for a 2nd camera angle and use the soundboard audio to mix into the final edit.

A remote system like this is what I've seen at other churches where they don't have someone as goofy as I am:


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