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Viera, FL Meetup Date Poll

Discussion in 'Special Sessions, Events, and Tour Announcements' started by tony-b, Jan 14, 2019.

What weekend for a Viera, FL meetup?

Poll closed Jan 28, 2019.
  1. March 29th-30th, 2019

  2. April 6th-8th, 2019

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Looks like we have enough interest to see if we can make this happen. To give enough time for people to make plans, I’m thinking the end of March/beginning of April is a good time. If you’re interested, please vote for one of these weekends. If both work for you, please vote for both. Poll is open for 14 days.

    More to come....
  2. Either is good for me.
  3. the 1st one is too short and it might be more attractive to those of us with a big drive to make these a full days shoot: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, travel on Thursday and Monday.
  4. That’s what I get for not proofreading with my glasses on. Both are Friday through Sunday so the first weekend is March 29-31st. I can’t edit that so my option is to delete and repost or let it fly and hope people see this comment. Sorry, my bad.
  5. I wish I could make it. You guys have a great time and I look forward to seeing the photos.
  6. I can do the march sat-sun. That work thing gets in the way Friday.
    The following april weekend is Sun n Fun in lakeland, if anyone wants to shoot an airshow. Second biggest show in the us.
    Has pretty good light in the afternoon shows.
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  7. cgilyeat


    Sep 30, 2010
    Melbourne, FL
    Just saw this. Since the poll is closed, either weekend should work for me.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  8. Is there a date for this ?
  9. Hi Randy -

    Yes. March 29-31st is a the weekend. My apologies for not getting this set sooner. Between a nasty flu virus and traveling for work, I just haven’t had much energy for anything but minimal survival.

    I’m still working on places to shoot but right now the Viera Wetlands and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge are on the list. It looks like there may be a space launch on the 31st - the time is still TBD. It would be cool if it was early morning before sunrise.

    For anyone needing a hotel, there is a new Fairfield Inn in Viera on Lake Andrew Drive. SRHedD is looking into a meet up at Long Doggers in Viera the evening of Friday the 29th.

    Anyone that has ever organized or attended one of these, I’d appreciate any insight, words of wisdom or assistance you can provide. Please message me and anyone can message me for any local information needed.

    So - who’s in?
  10. I’m in.

    Consider adding the Orlando Wetlands and one of several scrub jay places.

    I think MI is way better at sunrise. Viera is good AM and PM. We should shoot Viera on the 29th PM to avoid the weekend crowd. The Orlando Wetlands is a walk only place so it should be less crowded Saturday at sunrise.

    So I’m thinking
    Friday PM Viera
    Saturday AM Orlando Wetlands
    Sunday AM Merritt Island

    If Bobby is reading this please chime in.....

    P.s. the only place we can really shoot together is OW, the other places we’re all in our cars
  11. I am in Sat and Sun. Friday this dang work thing gets in the way.
  12. I’ll probably come down for most of the preceding week so if anyone wants to shoot earlier let me know. I may organize an osprey boat ride on Blue Cypress Lake for a weekday to avoid the bass fisherman.
  13. Looking to arrive Wed, will be staying in Melbourne. There used to be a guy that did pontoon boat trips on one of the lakes for Snail Kites.
  14. Ron at HOME - Whistling Wings Photography

    I like his spoonbill trip better but I might be up for another shoot at the snails now that I have a 500pf
  15. I'd be interested in this tour. Great set-up on the boat.
  16. SRHEdD


    Mar 20, 2017
    Viera, Florida USA
  17. what day ? morning is way better
    let's take this to a pm
  18. btw those monopod/rod holders on the boat are useless on the lake, too much movement. I've done the snail kites 3 times with Ron and it's still very hard but fun. Small dark bird moving fast:) . The 500pf was made for this bird. On a D500 it will still not be enough most of the time but they come closer sometimes.
  19. So hand holding is the way to go?
    A test of the new 180-400 may be coming .
  20. It’s the only way. Are you interested ?
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