View finder/screen confusion?

May 17, 2019
Hi - just received the Z6 having sold off all my MFT stuff and my D800 and I'm confused about using the screen/monitor and view finder. When I am using the Automatic Display Switch function I can use either but once I bring the screen near to my body to take a shot using the viewfinder then the screen switches off I assume it has triggered the sensor in the eyepiece? When I then move the camera away from myself it does not automatically switch back and I cant review the images on the monitor without having to press the button on the side of the eyepiece a further three times. I've searched through the manual and online and cant find out what I'm doing wrong - I'm almost at the point of giving up in frustration - hope someone can help I suspect its something obvious!!!
May 21, 2019
Albuquerque, NM USA
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Don Roy
Hit the button on the left side of the viewfinder to toggle those settings. I'm new to the Z6 too (just got it this week, my first Nikon!). I actually like 'Prioritize Viewfinder' to save a bit of battery life. If I want to see the last shot, I just hit Play button in the rear top left.

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