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Viewpoint changed by comment on Pbase

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Clivegriff, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Although still lurking on a daily basis, I haven't been contributing much to the Cafe lately.

    My photographic skills had been left far behind by the calibre of contributions that this forum now attracts and I didn't feel able to comment on pictures showing greater command of technique and artistic ability than I will ever possess.

    I felt excluded from many of the threads:

    "How do you earn your living?" - I don't; I receive Incapacity Benefit.

    "Which languages do you speak?" - Er...just English, actually; with a tiny smattering of Welsh learnt at the knee of a bi-lingual grandfather.

    Then there all the threads concerning cameras, lenses and lighting that I might well covet, but, barring a lottery win, will never afford.

    So there I was, lost in a heavy head-cold, generally feeling sorry for myself, looking out onto a grey day with a featureless sky.

    I logged onto my pbase site (where I very, very rarely get comments) and this awaited me...

    "I love your photography skills, they capture family moments in an amazing way."

    ...left by an unnamed guest.

    Positive thoughts flooded in; not least a comment made by Jarrell Conley a long time ago in another place. It was along the lines of: "forget the sunsets and the lanscapes and the macros - in twenty years time it'll be the pictures of children and family that really matter." Wise words indeed (as we've come to expect from Jarrell).

    So...I'm back. Well and truly. Raring to go. I'm going to take a walk very soon and try to capture some of the magnificent Autumn colours so that I can post some pictures here.

    (footnote to those interested in language: that's "Autumn"- not "Fall" and "colours" - not "colors". :tongue: :smile: )
  2. Hi Clive,

    Welcome "back"

    Low let us see some familiy shots than !!
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    So glad to see you back.

    Post away ol pal. what makes you think i'm good.. hahahahaha

    I do this for fun and to share a story or two. I am not a good photog. Hell i am old and started this dslr thingy 18 months ago. Now and then i nail a nice one. i am going on 64 years old, little, frail and dumb as a rock.

    This community isn't about being a pro, it is about each other and sharing.
    We are here to help and support each other.


    Jarrell connely gave me special words when I first started in this to. Gotta love him.

    Now go get us come "colours and autumn" and some kids and pets.

    Love and hugs to you. If ya need me pm me.

    Gee is that a song.
  4. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005

    Thanks for standing up and telling us how you feel! I for one have had the exact same thoughts as you...and on numerous occasions, I threatened (to Patrick) that I was quitting the Cafe and not coming back.

    I'm not a professional photographer...heck, I don't even have a paying job. I stay at home and care for our two young children. When I do have the chance to get out and shoot....most times it is either of my children or of my garden.

    I went to college and received my Bachelor's degree in English w/a concentration in creative writing...I speak English as well as a smattering of Spanish (just enough to be able to communicate w/the yard guy).

    I shoot w/a Nikon CP8800....so I'm w/you there too...I don't have tons of Pro-gear. All my money goes to my children and their "Thomas the Tank Engine" habit.

    Gordon (greyflash) as well as a couple other have kept me encouraged, but still, it gets to me sometimes when I see what others are posting. But as has been mentioned many times before, we are here because we all have a common interest...Photography. I've learned many things here about the technical and artistic sides of photography. But nothing has been as important a lesson as the lesson of friendship and kindness. There are some pretty amazing people on this forum and I am proud to call them friend (yourself included). So I'm staying put....And I'll keep posting my family shots if you will!!!!

    Oh, and by the way....I may be American, but I agree w/you that the season is "Autumn" and I teach my boys as such.

    Glad to know you and glad you are back with us...Have a cheery day ole chap!

  5. Hi Clive,

    What a great post!

    It's a pleasure to see you around.

    I'm always fascinated by the ways in which we receive pick-me-ups for our moods and spirits. Life is a rollercoaster of experience, huh?

    Best wishes,

  6. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    I learned long ago that the only one I have to please with my photos is me. A camera club can teach you that, a very humbling experience. As with the phrase, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is our expression of our art. Hope you are able to share with us just how pleased you are with your photos.
  7. Clive,

    Although I've gotten lucky from time to time, most of my pics pretty much suck. BUT, I have a great time taking them! If I learned anything from frequenting DPreview for so long, it's that my pictures suck, I'm not a member of any clicks, and my pics are not even worthy of comments. (In the DSLR forums. NTF is great!)

    Then came Uncle Frank's post inviting us to the Café. Now, most of my pictures still suck, but nobody tells me so! People here are genuinely nice. If a picture sucks, they still talk nice about it and can offer a positive critique. The top shooters in this place do exquisite work, but are down to earth people. I like that. You mention gear. I'm amazed at what a 4MP camera, in capable hands, can do.

    Welcome back Clive. Now, let's see some more kids pics!
  8. Clive, though you are from the wrong side of the Pennines and follow the wrong sport, I am really glad to see you back. Your galleries show that you are being seriously modest about your skills. And I agree with you about the colours (but I'm afraid to say 'fall' is a perfectly respectable Old English word).
  9. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    Our bad

    Clive, if you felt excluded in any way it's our fault!

    Please don't get the impression that we are elitist techno-snobs!

    Most of us just struggle and are delighted when we get one shot that's worth showing!

    This site is more about sharing and fraternity than it is about technical photograpic issues, but the information we glean from the technical stuff really helps too.

    So, post some of your favorite photos so we can share your experiences and don't worry, because we don't criticize, condemn or complain here!
  10. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  11. I think you underestimate your own eye, and how much the rest of us might care to see what you do. Your life is something worth sharing.

    So far as a living goes, I think it is about what you do, not who pays who. If I could quit my job today and spend all of my time singing Thomas the Tank Engine songs with my four year old, I most certainly would.

    What attracts me to photography is that we can share our impressions of the sights on this here planet. And catch a glimpse into each other's lives. They are all valid and all worth knowing. The gear are just tools and toys. My favorite camera is usually the $300 Fuji F10 I carry around in my pocket. Why? Because it is always there when I need a camera.
  12. Welcome back. Post away with those family photos, those are the ones that will count in the end.

    However I have to admit that on this side of the pond it just doesnt feel right to call it any thing but "colors" :biggrin: I think you may be right but if I typed it that way my fellow "yanks" might make fun of me :smile:
  13. :biggrin: Thomas the Tank Engine is not a habit but a very real and important part of life. We should not have to defend $$ and time spent on such vital matters :biggrin: :biggrin: So what if I enjoy it even more than my kids....... :Wink:
  14. Rob


    Jul 28, 2005
    Truro, Cornwall, UK
    C'mon Clive! Well done with getting the head back on, it can be really hard work. I sold all my fly fishing gear, motorbike etc etc as I became more 'disabled'; then spent the proceeds on the camera and computer. If Fang ever finds out how much I spent I'll be in a meat pie at Old Trafford! :smile:

    Sometimes we think we are alone, the only one who can't 'do it', 'get there', 'afford it'. WRONG; so forget all the Mega Supa Dipsy XXGP Wangly Diddly lenses and as they say down here at the annual drag race on the airfield. "RUN WHAT YA BRUNG".
    Let's see those images. Please.
  15. Clive, I hear you and I think others in this forum need to also. Posting is a priviledge and we need to be sensitive on how others may feel. I've never been an Eagle Scout...I don't think they let girls become one. I know threads like this appeal to one's pride and past achievements, but I felt left out too and wonder why threads like this get posted.

    Fortunately I think many of us realize it's not how much money you spend on photography but the eye you use in capturing your subject. I'm glad you're back and welcome you will a whole heart.

    aka beaucamera
  16. Clive,

    Please shoot away and post away all you want. If you feel a certain thread excludes you, just don't post in that thread, there are many others. I think the "what do you do for a living" thread is out of control. I stopped keeping up with it because its just too long now. And if you don't speak other languages, what does that have to do with photography anyway? Create your own threads like you did with this one, and see how many people will join in. I have to tell you, I took a look at your galleries and I think you have good portraiture, and are really great at candids. I don't know if you have a long lens so people don't see you coming, or maybe they are comfortable around you to simply be themselves with a camera, but the ability to capture people so candidly as they are and still look good is a photographic skill not everyone has. There are always people on the boards we can learn more from, but you shouldn't ever feel left out.
  17. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA
    Clive.....NEVER LEAVE

    Listen Clive.....

    I shoot wildlife and especially flying birds.

    I'm lost when it comes to shooting people...so PLEASE......do not ever feel that you don't belong, can't contribute or anything like that.

    I see people shooting superb pictures with far less expensive gear than some of us here use so that surely shouldn't deter anyone.


  18. Ron H

    Ron H

    Jul 5, 2005
    Hi Clive,
    I almost never shoot people, so you're way ahead of me. I took a look at your people gallery, and was particularly impressed with your portrait of Elizabeth.
  19. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Hi Clive! I've always enjoyed your posts, so I'm glad you've unburdened yourself here! I cerainly know how you feel about lenses you can't afford. Heck, I had to mortgage my house to even get a DSLR!

    And as for being intimidated by the numerous experts we have here, realize that they are expert in an area they have chosen to devote a lot of time to. I am glad they did, so I need not. I'll just listen to what they say, and make my naive comments to suit myself. I'm sure a lot of people think I'm just the funny guy who isn't afraid to look dumb!

    But like Jim F pointed out, there are areas where each one of us is an expert. You know your's now. Exercise it. Feed it and let it (eventually) feed you if that is your choice. In fact 'your choice' is the crux of a hobby, and what makes this such a diverse and exciting group.

    Thanks for your soul-bareing post. This is the best thread I've read in quite a while.
  20. Welcome 'back', Clive and thanks for starting this great thread. The others said it too well. I have nothing much to add, but just want to say that I am far far inferior than a lot of members here in various aspects of photography and life, but I enjoy every minutes here. These are the greatest persons on earth, and I feel like I have joined a big family.
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