Views from NYC Underground

Some views from under the upper west side.

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Ok - I don't know for sure where this post ought to be - But I really like all the street photographs that I see scattered through this forum - People walking down the beach, or the sidewalk, or the subway, or wherever...My question to ALL of you is this.....Do people "MIND" you brining out what is obviously an expensive professional looking camera, with probably a professional type lens attached, and they see you pull out the camera taking their photographs...Do they wonder what you're doing, or ever ask you to please not take their photographs??? I have just been really curious about this for some time now....How do you handle that??

With a P&S, I can see no big problem...

Thanks in advance!

Brad G...
Brad, yes, sometimes they mind and tell me so and I politely point the camera somewhere else. I used to take candid people photos but have learned that not everyone thinks a pic of them is as cool as I think it is :rolleyes: