Visit Colorado in May !!! Its fun they said !!!

May 3, 2007
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Its in Crested-Butte Co

About " they " see below :eek: :

"THEY" said its also fun in APRIL :ROFLMAO:

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Early June is a nice time to visit the mountains. Temps at Crested Butte should be in the mid-50's to 60's for highs and down to upper-20's at night. Peak wildflower bloom is in late June through early July (the wildflower festival starts July 5). Lots of stuff to see and do. Depending on the snow pack you might be able to go on a jeep tour but many of the mountain passes with still have snow.

How long do you plan to stay? There are lots of interesting day trips if you have the time.
Apr 30, 2005
Southern Cal
I grew up in Ohio.
Weather like you're experiencing was commonplace.
50 below with the chill factor, no problem.
I loved it.
After moving to Southern California almost 40 years ago, my first year I would go outside in mid 30 degree weather with no jacket.
Locals here thought I was nuts.
I cannot do it anymore.
My body has adapted to this climate.
Anything under 60 degrees the jacket goes on.

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