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  1. ABout twice a year, if we can manage it, our family heads out to the Rockies/Purcell Mountains for skiing in the winter, and believe it or not, golf and other fun stuff in the summer.

    This year, our daughter is off in France earning a school credit, so the rest of us headed out to Invermere, BC for some cool, clean, mountain air.

    We started out in Banff National Park, and I stopped at the road side of Highway 1A to capture a wild rose:


    There were a few other flowers, and I've almost convinced myself that I need a good macro lens:biggrin:, before we arrived at Morraine Lake. It was late in the day, and we still had about 2 hours of driving before we would arrive at our place, plus the airline had delayed the luggage that contained my tripod, so I captured this shot of the lake, hand held.


    Still working on more, including a rainbow, a visit to Mt. Revelstoke and some interestingly awesome golf course views.

    More to come. Please enjoy.
  2. _Jorge_


    Jul 3, 2007
    Nice photos Mark! #2 is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.