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Vista 32 or 64? Need to decide...

Discussion in 'PC/Windows/Linux' started by KAEPhoto, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I recently upgraded my Dell XPS 700 with a faster quad-core processor and a GeForce 9800 GTX. I also bought a small (80g) 10,000 rpm disk which I plan to put my system and apps on, and then I have 2 internal 500gb disks, one internal 250 disk, and one external USB 500gb disk.

    I was thinking that one of my disks be used for photos and document, and a separate disk for cache's, pagefiles, scratch, etc. Does this make sense?

    Also, since I have 4gb ram installed and can go as high as 8gp with this particular MOBO, I was thinking of going with a 64 bit version of home premium. I am a little nervous about it and will probably install 32 bit first just to make sure everything works together well. I know me, and I'll keep thinking I should try 64 bit, but like I said, I am nervous about it. :eek: 

    I know some are using 64 bit versions and I was hoping to have some advice about potential benefits and pitfalls to avoid if I go 64 bit. Any advice, encouragement, warning, etc would be appreciated!

    I want to run the usual apps, CS2, NX2, IDimager, etc as well as office, utils, etc. I won't be loading any big games on my C: drive, so I hope 80gb is enough.
  2. Well, I went with Vista 64 to put on 8GB Ram and system runs perfectly fine...

    Waste on money to have a separate disc for cache, pagefile and scratch disk these days.. Not necessary...
  3. I also went with Vista 64-bit and 8 Gb of RAM.

    At the current prices for HDDs this can hardly be called waste of money :wink:
    I wanted to be on the safe side (sometimes I have to work huge files, like panoramas) so I went with 4 HDDs. Two of them I have partitioned for Acronis Secure Zone, and Scratch disc and Cache resp.

    Vista Ultimate 64-bit has another advantage, PSCS3 can use up to 3.5 Gb of RAM for itself.

  4. jshurak


    Aug 14, 2008
    I went with 64 bit, but my mobo limits me to 4 gigs.....I think. You should RAID the 2 500 gigs though! Plus the upcoming version of PS will 64 bit for windows machines only
  5. Thanks for your comments. It definitely sounds like 64 bit is the future.

    Any suggestions on how to set up cache/scratch/pagefile for maximum performance? Do you use a partition on one disk? put it on the C: drive or what?
  6. Yeah, I think we've finally reached the stage where 64 bit Windows is NOT more trouble than it's worth!
    I'm seriously considering building one after the first of the year specifically for this OS to use with imaging. The industry is still lagging in widespread availability of parts for laptops to really take advantage of 64 bit architecture, but there's just no reason NOT to go 64 on a desktop anymore.

  7. I can only tell you what I did:

    0 = C (160Gb): OS
    1 (part.) = D (80Gb): page file, temp files; unassigned: Acronis Secure Zone
    2 (part.) = E (80Gb): Applications; Z (80Gb): PS scratch disc, NX2 Cache
    3 = F (500Gb): Data

    You may of course take bigger HDDs, at the current prices an easy decision.

    To separate OS from applications helps a lot with start-up time. E.g., PSCS3 takes about 2 sec. to load, NX2 same.

    Important: do not put [page/temp files] and [scratch disc/cache] on the same physical drive.

    What I can also recommend is an e-sata port to hook up an external HDD - substantially faster than any USB or FW connection.

    I wanted to have a stable, well balanced but fast system for my photo work, not for gaming - I have got what I want (without any OC-ing or fancy RAID).

  8. Harry,

    I'm also considering a new PC with this same goal in mind. My main photo-editor is NX2 which I see that you are running. I recall reading a few threads here that discussed difficulties in geting NX2 to run on a 64-bit OS. Did you have any problems with it? If so, what did you have to do to get it running properly?

  9. Bert, no problems whatsoever, so there was no need to do anything. ViewNX tends to get stuck once every 3 weeks or so.
    There have been some reported problems but in some cases it was unclear why. It either runs, or not, but I think the latter is the exception to the rule.

    Another example: Virgina Bacon (beaucamera) told me that on her machine (almost identical to mine except fro a stronger video card) Google Earth doesn't run - it runs flawlessly on mine.

    As with Vista, it is probably best to install it on a virgin machine, i.e, no contaminated registry.

    I had only one minor issue with Vista, when it once refused to wake up from sleep mode - deactivated that function.

  10. That's good to hear, Harry. If/When I take the plunge, it will be on a brand-new "virgin" PC. I continue to shop for the best deal....

  11. Thanks Harry,

    I definitely will try a setup like yours. Thanks for the info on separating the OS from apps. One question. When you say "virgin machine," do you mean a reformatted HD and clean install of Vista or something else? Are there registries other than what the OS installs on the hard disk?
  12. I went with x64 and the only bug I've found using software (kind of annoying) is that if you run an automated process in photoshop CS3 it won't clear out your RAM, so until the app shuts down you'll be eating up all your RAM with photoshop.

    Lightroom runs 64 bit in LR2, but I honestly haven't noticed any difference in speeds.

    I'm running an e6600 @ 3.2Ghz with 4GB Corsair XMS2
  13. Frank207be


    Mar 11, 2006
    Vista Ultimate 64bit on an Intel Q9450, 8GB RAM, WD Velociraptor and 2 WD 750GB for storing photo's, and it runs perfectly :Love:
  14. The Q9450 is a neat CPU, isn't it? I am happy I waited till it was available.

  15. Frank207be


    Mar 11, 2006
    Indeed! I'm also amazed how cool it runs :wink:
  16. I agree. I did quite a bit of testing and ended up with a 'simple' system:
    Physical drive 0: OS and programs
    Physical drive 1 (RAID): data

    As long as you have a wicked fast OS drive you won't need to RAID it. I did that for a year but later switched to a non-RAID OS config and didn't take much of a hit.

    7200 RPM 32GB cache drives are pretty cheap now. :) 

    Unless you have a program that chokes on 64 bit ............. just do it.
  17. john1970


    Feb 10, 2008
    Boston MA
    I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron with a Q9300 processor, 6 GB RAM and Vista 64-bit and a 750 GB Hardrive. I purchased an additional 750 GB Harddrive and an very happy with the system.

    The only disadvantage is that my six year old HP scanner did not have 64-bit Vista drivers. I was not that upset because I only paid $50 for the scanner many years ago. I went out and purchased a new Canon scanner for $80.

    I would go with 64-bit operating system, and in the future I might upgrade my memory to 8 GB.


  18. I just purchased a similar system. Tried to get 8gb but that option was not available. I considered building my own system but no time for such things. My pc is over 4 years old so should be a massive improvement over what I have now. This will be my first experience with Vista so keep the tips coming ...
  19. I've been running Vista Ultimate 64 since 1/08 with no problems to speak of. Capture NX2 runs like a charm.

    Just don't load a bunch of unnecessary crap, keep up-to-date drivers, and take a few deep breaths every now and then! :rolleyes: 

    Asus Crosshair MoBo
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6400+ 3.2gHz
    Corsair 4GB RAM
    EVGA NVidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB graphics
    WD Raptor 10,000 RPM 160GB
    WD 7200 RPM 750GB
    WD 7200 RPM 1TB
    Hauppauge HD Video card
    Firewire 800
    eSATA ports
  20. I tried XP 64 and had a bunch of problems, NX1/2 included. Went back to XP 32. I have not tried Vista, I'm tired of giving $$$ to the evil empire for software that does not work.

    PC is a Q9450 running at 3.2GHz (sweet!); Velociraptor for OS; small Raptor for pagefile & cache; regular drives for data. I have 8Gb loaded, but XP only uses 3.25.

    I've left room on my Velociraptor for a new OS, so I may try Vista at some point, or maybe play around with Linux, or maybe go take some photos instead of dicking around with computers :cool: 
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