Vitamin C

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  1. In a fit of admiration and envy after seeing Regit's flowers, I popped an extension tube on a 50 1.2 AIS and shot these in the back yard.

    Not in the same league, but fun! Mike's images do this to me too. Makes me buy lenses, etc. :rolleyes:

  2. that selective DOF :smile:
  3. Creamy, dreamy background is nice, too!
  4. Very nice, particurly #2.
  5. Image #2 is by far my favorite of the two. You have nice use of your DOF and it is a much better composition.
  6. Looks great. I also like #2 best.
  7. Niiice ! What a beautiful "bouquet" (excuse the french word :tongue: ) !!!

    Did you shoot them wide open ?


    PS. BTW, i fully agree on the comments about #2 !!!