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Vote: 85/1.4, 105/2 and 135/2

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by banzaisteve, Aug 11, 2009.

Which one?

Poll closed Aug 14, 2009.
  1. AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D IF

    35 vote(s)
  2. DC Nikkor 105mm f/2.0D

    13 vote(s)
  3. DC Nikkor 135mm f/2.0D

    5 vote(s)
  1. Having a really tough choice with my next lens purchase. I plan to use it for portraits mainly and some street photography. I'm constantly looking at shots of the "Cream Machine" and am always impressed. I've been through the thread for 105 and 135/2 and there are a lot of amazing shots as well and the bokeh is very nice on them too.

    I'm leaning more towards the 85/1.4 right now...but would definitely like to see everyones opinion on them.

    If you wouldn't mind putting why you voted for the one you did, that would be awesome too and would help me out even more.
  2. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    Check out the Nikkor 105 1.8 AIS. The best lens for heads ever made.
  3. I think we need more info.......Like camera and current lenses owned.

  4. I voted for 105 because I have it, but I sometimes feel that its a little bit short on a FX sensor, thinking of getting a 135mm.
    Have the 85 as well, good sharpness, good bokeh, but rarely used.
    Of all my portrait lens my 105 is the most used one.
    BTW check out the 105 1,8 AIS, seen it in action, its great lens
  5. my 85 f/1.4 (NOTHING can reproduce f/1.4 - it comes in handy all the time) and 24-70 are most used for portraits - I also use my 105VR but thats mainly for younger faces and shots where I want extreme detail rather than glamour (i.e. lace on a wedding veil and or leather grain on a cowboy hat)

    The DC lenses have been well liked and I think the 105 is a tad better rated than the 135 from what I have read/heard.
  6. Ciao Steve
    probably the 85 would be the first to get for several reasons (especially if you don't have any fl in that range) and only second the 135 (or the 105 has an half in between lens), still, if they would cost equal, I'd prefer the 135 F/2 due to the longer focal that can be used also as a real middle telephoto. (200 F/2 on DX)
  7. lovD300


    Feb 25, 2008

    BINGO!!! this is exactly what I am doing I with either fx or dx I think the 85, then the 135 is perfect kit material!
  8. I had to poke through your archives before I could make an informed recommendation. Unless you've had a sudden change of heart, you're shooting with a d200 and are considering adding a d300 or d90 to your kit. Since it appears you're committed to the DX platform, I have no reservations about recommending the 85/1.4 for your portrait and wedding work. It's what I specialize in, and the Cream Machine was my runaway favorite while the d200 was my main weapon. It's brilliant on FX, too, but it's taken a while for me to accept the reduction in FOV.

    The 105/2DC and 135/2DC are wonderful lenses, too, but they're a stop slower, and a bit too long on DX for my style of portraiture. Even with the crop factor, the 105 isn't quite long enough for candids, and the 135, which is, seems to have some AF issues on digital.

    I don't think any of the three is well suited for street photography. Specialists seem to prefer wide, like the 20/2.8 or a 12-24, or long. My personal favorite is the 180/2.8.

    Good luck with your decision. Take your time and be sure. None of these excellent Nikkor lenses come cheap.
  9. weinlamm


    Jul 7, 2008
    I love my 85/1,4 und the ais 105/2,5.
  10. The 85 & 105 are stellar lenses. The 135 is okay, not great though. If you can only have one, the 85 would be more versatile. Good FL in FF & Dx. The 105 & 135 are a bit too long for DX.
  11. lovD300


    Feb 25, 2008
    from reviewing tones of pictures on flickr.com, I have come to the conclusion that all three are a great lens to own. Just like Frank and others have mentioned that the 85 is the most versatile for the DX platform. I have talked to other photographers on the d200 and the d80, and I keep getting the same response (mainly about the d200) that with older lens the d200 has hard time focusing, and the 135mm f/2 was one that does not work well with the d200. But have not heard any issues with the d300 and newer with the 135 f2. And actually there have been a few guys who once they got the d200 have put some lens in the drawer cause it did not focus or work right with the lens, but once they picked up a d300 and d700, all those lens worked again, and said it was even better than ever with this combo (as for focus and image IQ). And from reviewing the d700 images with these lens... I must say there is a hugh difference and noticeable from when a 85, or 105 for 135 was behind a d700 or d3 or d3x. FX shines with these lens.

    here are some links from the d300 and 135mm f/2 combo
    this person takes great shots with it:


    and the person she borrows the d300 and 135 f2 from:


    and here is the link for the DC group shots:


    and the 135 mm f2 dc group:


    and the 105 dc group pics:


    (I didn't show the 85 1.4, because A) there is tones of images on this site that show the magic of this lens, B) I think it is the first lens to get hands down, then pick up a 135 or 105 after ....)
  12. Heh, sorry! Meant to post it.
    It's going on a D200 and possibly a D90 as backup.

    Hmmm good to know this. I definitely want a faster lens too as I will be shooting at night as well. I've seen the 85 used for street photography (have to get a little closer of course) but it does quite nicely. And after seeing tons more shots and seeing the votes, looks like I might just end up with the 85. Don't want to have to deal with having issues from a $1200 lens. Nothing more frustrating then trying to shoot and something is wrong.

    Thanks for the links and info lovD300 :biggrin:
  13. I I have budget and interesting more in portrait I will buy 85 1.4 again.
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