Wait! That's not a bug...

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  1. Something different than my usual bug macros.


    (click on the image to see a larger version with EXIF data)

    Shot in raw with my D200 and Tamron 90 SP 90 mm macro lens, and lit with my SB-800 shot through a pop-up diffuser. I really like the light from this pop-up diffuser.

    Here's what it looks like:


    Levels adjusted, downsampled, and converted to a JPEG in CS3.
  2. Cool shot Duncan. What is that diffuser? Did you make it?
  3. Love that Duncan, the droplets really add to a great pic!
  4. pop-up diffuser


    I bought the diffuser off of ebay. Its one of those pop-up diffusers that you fold up in 3rds and zip up into a holder. When you open it up, SPROING! it pops out to full size.

    I found it on ebay. Try this URL to find one. I highly recommend it:

    pop-up diffuser ebay search URL
  5. Thanks for that info Duncan, I should pick one up - you can call me Rich BTW :wink:! Great Falls eh? We're practically neighbors...