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Mar 23, 2007
Collecchio, northern Italy
Hi guys,
Some of you already know that saturday I went to Liguria for a kind of "formal" shooting (but it would never be, with me) for a couple of friends.

Tomorrow evening I should have back the negatives and I could be able to see and show you how FM3a + Voigtlander 40/2 work together and at the same time testing again BW400CN, Ektar 100 and Ilford SFX 200 (a very unusual film here). Saturday most of the digital shots were taken by Gigi - the future groom - who enjoyed working with the D700 and 70-200 while I used the FM3a with the 40/2 and the F6 with the 28-75.

Other combos now and then.. To tell the truth I expect something really good from these pictures (inside the bride's home most were taken on tripod and cable release due to the low light, and I tried to care for them) also for the combos (film, camera, lens) done during the day.

They are my first "formal" although flash has almost never used (most ambient light) if not for fill flash. Keep in mind I had already some weddings but always at a "middle" level (that is without any external flash units or specific lighting aside the Metz and the SB-22 / SB600) and since I don't have to survive with photography (nor my friends would bear with that = a too formal shooting) but never a preliminary formal.

So let's see what comes out ! See you tomorrow evening !

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