Walking toward ... ?

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  1. its looks like she is walking away but then i can't tell when i look at her legs? which one is in front and moving which way. i can't tell.
  2. good shots, the black and white adds a sense of drama and horror. i like.
  3. fadetoblack22


    Sep 27, 2008
    100% sure walking towards. Where is the light coming from?


    Apr 30, 2005
    A very nice and thought provoking image. Love it !
  5. I should have chosen a different title. It wasn't really meant to be a question. Just thought it might give us food for thought.

    Thanks guys anyway for stopping by.

    Ohh .. ya she was actually walking away .. :)
  6. Thanks shing and RFC for your nice comments ...
  7. Yes, walking away, you can see from the shadow on her right calf. Interesting shot, I think it might be a bit better if you cloned out the shine from that bottle cap or whatever in the foreground as it pulls the eye.