Wanted to share this with y'all...

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  1. That was hysterical, worth the 5 minutes, a great diversion among all this doom and gloom in the news. Thanks for posting
  2. Ha Ha

    That big guy has some moves!!! That was fun......Thanks.


  3. That was great! I needed a good laugh. Thanks for sharing that.
  4. Okay, I want to meet these guys and go out dancing. They are having too much fun!!:eek:

  5. PeteZ28


    Oct 5, 2007
    Newtown, PA
    Great I've been stuck on that site for an hour!!! The "accidents" section is just WAY too funny!!!!
  6. I had tears running out of my eyes. Fantastic from several point of view. Love, comedy, and being able to put the moves on like the big guy:biggrin:. Thanks.
  7. Yes...I laughed so hard at this...
    it was so great putting this together for their family and friends...
    What a wonderful way of giving right from the beginning of their marriage.