War Horse

Mar 1, 2015
Westmorland UK
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Thank you Allan, Nick. I got him at a good angle.

He's a bit of a character but that seems to go especially with horses like him, who had to be hand fed at birth. We didn't know but his dam had a condition that meant he hadn't been receiving all the nutrients he should have had in the womb. He was therefore small when born. Again, we didn't know because neither of us had that experience. What we did know was that unlike all the wildlife movies you see, our colt couldn't stand up, or stay stood up for long enough to feed himself. My wife and daughter took it in turns to express milk from his mother and then feed him, multiple times a day, day and night, for his first two or three weeks. In fact he was so frail that at one stage he fell onto the straw bedding and a piece of straw went through his leg. He still carries that scar now.

He is most definitely part of the family.
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