Featured Water Strider on the pond

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  1. Shot with D500 and Nikon 200-500mm.

  2. It's not a mosquito; it's one of the true bugs (Order Hemiptera), more specifically something in the Family Gerridae, the Water striders (if I'm not mistaken :) ).
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  3. Not a bug person, it looks like a big mosquito to me, but I guess it is what you say it is:D 
  4. If you compare pictures of striders and mosquitos you'll see that they look nothing alike. Size alone eliminates mosquitos.
  5. Whatever makes you happy. I agreed with you, what do you want, blood.
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  6. rick_reno


    Dec 3, 2012
    N Idaho
    Very nice, never been able to shoot them from that angle. It’s a water strider.
  7. Thanks Rick. I already fixed the title.
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  8. Nice shot, i have had little luck with them, the long lens gave you a nice perspective.
  9. Thanks Tom, yes the long lens helped on the perspective.
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