Watermelon Bust 2008

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  1. Well, this semester the Alligator, the newspaper I work for, has been pushing multimedia and online exclusive content as our next big thing. Since Gainesville is a college town, University of Florida students and faculty as well as the locals tend to be pretty computer-savvy, so we've seen some real spikes in views when we have a big gallery or video to show off.

    This weekend, Charles Roop, our multimedia editor, and I shot and put together a short audio slideshow at the 2008 Lambda Chi Alpha Watermelon Bust. It's a national philanthropy project- all chapters of that fraternity put on an event with watermelons to get donations to charity. In this case, it is to benefit the Gainesville Harvest food shelter.

    I hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think!

    Watermelon Bust 2008 Audio Slideshow- The Independent Florida Alligator

    Note: some of you outside the USA (and occasionally some of you in it) may have some issues connecting to our website. I don't know exactly why this is but it's a pain, to be sure.
  2. Hmm... wasting food to benefit a food bank. :confused: