Wattled crane

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by alexf, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. 362186769_xVacB-L.jpg
    Miami Metrozoo
  2. Three months and no comments? That merits a bump.
  3. My excuse is that I wasn't a member 3 months ago. However, I do like what you did. Especially since it is indicated as a zoo picture. Had you not added that I would not have suspected it and that, to me at least, means you did a particularly good job.
  4. This is a tough bird. I have been trying for months, on every zoo visit. He was always hiding behind that tree, in bad light. He was one of the few animals in that zoo I did not have a decent picture of. Until this time.
  5. nice shots Alex., might be better to put the pics in one thread.
  6. Cool bird. Nice soft light falling on it. Well done, Alex.

    (I guess that's what you get for posting so late at night!! I missed this one. LOL)