Way blown - But I kind of like it!

Discussion in 'People' started by Firestorm_westy, May 5, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Was playing with the SB-600 off camera this morning. Most exposures were fine, and then, without adjusting anything, I got this way overdone image.

    Was just about to delete it when I thought I would have a look at it in Photoshop.

    I quite like it now!

    Couple of questions...

    1. What do you think?

    2. How do I do it again (on purpose this time!)



  2. I take it I am on my own then - Never mind!
  3. Paul, if I were going to guess, I would say that you increased the contrast causing the highlights to blow completely. Then perhaps a little saturation increase. Hard to say without seeing the original.
  4. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    I really like this look...you should have it printed on metallic paper. I just got back from this really big photography trade show...and they were showing pics like this on metallic paper...it was really cool looking.

    Looks like you did it with Hues & Saturation.
  5. That sound great - Do they do silver and gold?

    btw, when I said 'what I did' I meant camera and flash settings - I didn't really need to do anything with CS3!

    Thanks for your time,

  6. brownie2d2x

    brownie2d2x Guest

    I like it, too. It really pops the red hair and blue eyes on the little darlin.
  7. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    Oh ok ...

    It was kind of a black with some silver in it (Paper). The name of the company at the trade show was Fullcolor.com
  8. I like it, nice effect.
  9. Cool, thanks!
  10. Paul, I like it...kinda got an andy warhol thing going...
  11. Thanks John,

    As I said, I know it is different, but I like it!