We are a military family (3 generations)

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  1. My dad served in WWI, I served for 10 years during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts and my youngest son has 14 years of service with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Feel free to share images of you or your family to this thread.

    1. Me in 1953
    Gordon Eyre (US Army).

    2. 2017 image of my son. David - 2017 8 x10.
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  2. glad to see there are a few patriotic American's still around. Semper Fi

  3. Other than a small difference in hair color, you don't look any different after all those years ;) If you were a nice dad, you would give some hair back to your son.

    I totally agree with the sentiments of Ken, and would simply add patriotic in the right way.

    Congrats, and thanks, to you all.
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  4. I think he has to blame his mother for the hair problem. All her brothers are bald.
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  5. Love the "pencil thin mustache" Gordon. I'll look for some of my family pics and see if I can copy them for this series.
  6. Randy


    May 11, 2006
    Thank you and your family for your service
  7. This is the only pic I could find of me in uniform, doing exams in a hooch in Vietnam.
    I stayed for 24 years (in the Army) not in Vietnam and am a retired O-6


    whoops found another.

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  8. that would be great.
  9. Thank you Randy.
  10. That's great, I hope others will keep them coming.
  11. Marine Corps day 1966--1968 VIET NAM 12/66-----1/2/68. KEN1966076. KEN1966030. KEN1966031.
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  12. Hey Ken, thanks for sharing your images. You and I must have had the same MOS, at least during one phase of my military service.
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  13. thanks to all of ya'll for your service!
  14. Radio relay operator MOS 2532 USMC
  15. You used them, I fixed them.
  16. Gordon were you in Nam.? I cringe sometimes when I think it was 51 years ago. Don't think I would change one episode of the whole movie. It helped make a man out of me. The Marines will do that to ya.

  17. Actually during the Vietnam conflict, I was serving in the White House in support of the President. My duty station was called the White House Communications Agency. Tough duty but someone had to do it.

    PS: I didn't talk to any Russians while I was there.
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  18. I read quite a few books on LBJ. I forget who was his press secretary who thought LBJ was cracking up over the pressure . Does Valenti sound like the right name. Country was in real turmoil back then------oh those 60's.

  19. Bill Moyers then George Reedy
  20. Muonic


    Jun 14, 2006
    I'm the handsome chap on the right. :D

    My father, uncle, both grandfathers, and several other family members served, going back to at least the Civil War. One of my grandfathers was wounded in WWI.
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