We have WBP

Jan 29, 2005
that is, White Balance Problem

Yesterday I as preparing for shooting in low temperature incandescent lights, flash was not allowed. Colour temperature measured with Minolta was 2650K. So, I tethered D2x to notebook, and took 2 shots of colour chart. When the images were transferred to Multi-Image Window, they had cast.

I opened an image in Nikon Capture and used marquee to see what adjustments were due - and "here we come again". After selection with marquee white balance was completely distorted. Not only red and blue coefficients were inverted, but the values were pretty wrong too.
Feb 2, 2005
Maple Bay, Duncan, BC, Canada
Real Name
Andreas Berglund
Second that; I thought it was me doing something wrong, took some indoor shot of my house (I'm selling it) and one of the pictures I put a grey card in so I could use the marquee tool on that ond get the rest of the pictures in the series right.. using the tool all the pictures got a strange cold bluish cast far away for how it looked when I shot them.

what gives? Bug in NC?

Carol Steele

That might be right Andreas. If the 'far away' place was lit by natural light (or light of a different colour temperature than the place where you had your grey card - then you can expect some differences.

Our eyes probably register it correctly, but our brains do a fantastic job of white balancing. If you have a room which is lit by fluorescent lighting adjacent to a room it by tungsten lighting (quite common in houses where you might have the kitchen with fluorescents and a longe are lit with tungsten - now take a shot which includes a part of each room - it will be impossible to WB them correctly - yet our eyes would have told us they were both illuminated with similar white light.

Did you by any chance have some natural daylight contributing to the lighting in the 'far away' place?? This would explain the bluish cast you are seeing.

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