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Website Suggestions Please??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DearLeader, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. I am having a difficult time finding software that meets my needs and am looking for some advice.

    This is the criteria -

    1. I don't want to learn html
    2. I have no money left over for adobe web design products
    3. I want a very simple black background / white text website (no flash, no swooshes, no music) ... I live in dial up area... Just text and thumbnails..
    4. I have tried some cheaper (less than $100) web design programs but they all make you use their swooshy templates... I just want plane old black for now..
    5. I am trying to stay away from web hosts who have free online design software as you can't move your site with them later on
    6. I am just looking for a little, affordable software program that will meet these guidelines

    Any ideas would be most helpful...
  2. Have you looked at pbase?
  3. thank you for your suggestion... i just had a quick look at it...

    i should specify the purpose of the website is to sell professional services..

    the pbase at a glance looks like a smug mug type thing...

    I'm looking for a site I can store on my computer and upload to a host.
  4. It depends on how much control you want. I use SmugMug and also an EOS template to make galleries at this site (www.nebirds.com). The intro pages were made with Golive Live, which is one of several editors that do not require code. The actual galleries can be made in PS (though I use iView Media pro) or other programs that allow you to make a web site. EOS is a template that costs $80.
    Now, I made changes to the tempalte so that it just uses PayPal, but the template as is allows many types of payment. The only problems are that it takes a while to learn and that a customer can only order from 1 gallery at a time.
    I looked into other canned solutions like Photocart that cost a few hundred dollars. However, they upload images in order based on file names and do not allow captions (or did not last fall.)
    More expensvie solutions allow more customization.
    Oh, if you want to just use PayPal there are templates you can by for around $80 on up that do not allow customization.

    EOS template


    Allwebco templates
  5. Go to web.com they have website templates you can use for free as long as you sign up for the service. I use them excellent company and support.
  6. Travis, I think your idea of a simple website is great. I love simple websites.
    Please forgive me for contradicting your criterion #1, but I do believe that by the time you find a couple of decent programs that fit your wishes and try them out you can easily learn some html. You could start out with the most basic design and learn new parts step by step. That's what I did and in no time I even added CSS. Now I have a simple site that loads quickly on any browser and I love the control I have. I also don't have to worry about programs beeing updated or not beeing continued by their creators.
  7. thanks for your suggestion... but part of my criteria is to have freedom to move the site to another host if desired..
  8. DearLeader - Unfortunately I think you're probably going to learn a little HTML. There are quite a few programs that you can use that are simple and come with step by step installation directions.

    If you use Bluehost as your webhost then you can choose to have several different galleries auto-installed without you having to do anything more than pick a name for the URL and the gallery name. One such gallery is Coppermine Photo Gallery. An example of that:


    Another option is Pixelpost:


    And yet another possibility is Simple Viewer just to display your photos.

    An example of it with my photos:

  9. JAlbum creates very simple galleries and automatically creates the thumbnails for you. It also has free skins that theme your gallery to suit your tastes.

    If you are willing to do a little work, you can use Coppermine. It requires creating a MySQL database at your webhosting site and providing the user ID and password to the software. After that, Coppermine does all the rest. The gallery on my website is a Coppermine gallery. I just created a new website that is plain HTML - no JavaScript, no Flash, no PHP, no MySQL. I created it using DreamWeaver, but if you look at the code it is fairly simple. It uses a stylesheet to control the appearance.
  10. sigh... i was hoping someone would recommend a $69 basic web design utility...

    I'm not really looking for a gallery... I'm just looking to for a plain black website with a few pic's...

    Guess I'll have to learn HTML... or better yet.. maybe I could make millions producing a simple web design utility.. there seems to be none....

    There has to be something out there... I'll keep looking....
  11. schuds


    Dec 4, 2007

    Try one of these... http://allwebcodesign.com/setup/cool-2.htm

    AllWebCo makes some real nice templates. I've used them a number of times. No need to learn HTML, Java etc. They look very nice and are extremely affordable.

    Why reinvent the wheel when you don't want to?

    Good Luck
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