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Wedding + 105DC

Discussion in 'Film Forum' started by Removed User 2, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. I shoot lots of weddings. Digital has been a revelation for all wedding photographers because of its super clean files, simple and personalized PP and extra control. But as time went on, I found film to be the secret weapon par excellence for weddings.
    First because of its unique Image Quality but also because there's no extra PP needed. Just take the films from the Lab and give them to the customer. No Crazy PP and endless lost hours in front of a computer.

    To any wedding photographer, I recommend about 3 to 5 rolls of film throughout the day in addition to the digital shooting. You won't believe how it will will save you time, energy and money (make you gain money).

    Here's a film shot from the most recent wedding... Kodak Portra 160 NC.

  2. Ned, lovely image. Don't forget that with film it's easier to keep that white wedding dress looking good. Oh and this reminds me that I'm supposed to scan a roll of an engagement shoot that Bryan shot! Tonight!:eek: I'd better get busy.
  3. Ray... So true!

    By the way, this is a Costco scan... Very decent and no need to lose time on scanning.

    Please share your scans. I want to see more wedding film images!
  4. One question, Ned, Bryan shot a roll of XP2. I wonder if Costco could just scan and print them?
  5. Costco usually won't accept to scan negatives that are already cut or developed elsewhere because it is time consuming for them to scan each strip at a time and to be really careful not to scratch them. You can ask them a favor though! I'm sure they'll accept.
    In the future, just have them scan the film for an xtra 3$ and be happy...
  6. Very nice shot Ned, what camera did you shoot with on this one? I was thinking of getting into weddings with my RB67 because of what film and medium format can do.
  7. Hi!

    RB67 is too huge for candid wedding work. That's a good cam for posed shots or studio shots. I don't really recommend that camera for wedings unless you charge in the 5000$ range and your customers want to spend 3 hours posing.

    I used the F5...
  8. matthew.paul

    matthew.paul Guest

    Absolutely lovely shot, Ned. Just beautiful.

    I am really thinking about getting into weddings and am thinking about grabbing a F100 to shoot along side digital.

    Do you still carry 2 digital bodies + the film, or just a digital and a film camera?
  9. Incredible shot Ned! I really like this.
  10. NikonConvert


    Jul 13, 2005
    This shot is really stunning Ned. The colour is really fantastic but the composition is great too. Awesome stuff!!
  11. Yes, 2 digital bodies +film. I favor shooting film during the most special moments. The Quality ones.


  12. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    I'll bet it's a thrill to give this stuff to your customers. [imgn]https://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/images/icons/icon14.gif[/imgn]
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  13. The last thing I'm into is wedding photography, but imagery like this is just wonderful.
  14. gavin


    Oct 21, 2006
    Amazing shot Ned. The 105DC is my favorite lens because of the colors it gives, you just put it to good use there.
  15. Of course!
    Weddings are hard to shoot but extremely rewarding. The fact that it's a very happy fairytale day, it's good for the spirit.

    Thanks! I try not to go into kitsch stuff altough it can happen, too.

    Yes, the 105 DC is a great lens. I love it much more on film then on digital.

    No matter what, film rules. There, I said it.
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  16. Great, classic image, Ned. Quick question... what film was it? Or did I miss that in one of the posts? I'm doing my first wedding at the end of the summer and was going to carry a film camera in addition to my digital (and my assistant's digital), but I was going to use it for B&W... now I'm not so sure! :smile: Also, if you do shoot B&W film at a wedding, which film do you use? Thanks for indulging me!
  17. Thanks!

    I used Kodak Portra 160 NC for those shots. Any fiilm can do a good job, but the Portra line is optimized for skin tones.

    For BW, you'd maybe be better converting the color negs. It usually works quite well with a very unique look.
  18. fixed point

    fixed point

    Jan 24, 2007
    nice shot!

    Great shot and nice color!

    I don't shoot weddings, but I am getting married this summer. Our photographer recommended film over digital and I'm more than happy to let her go film only as I prefer the look. My fiance thinks we're a little crazy to want film, but I think (hope) the results will speak for themselves. It is nice to see some still using film for weddings though. I've been to a few this summer and watched the photogs spending most of their time chimping rather than shooting or looking for shots.

    And as a bonus, I was able to use the wedding to justify the purchase of a film scanner that I can use for scanning my film as well as the wedding shots ;) 

  19. Thanks, Steve!

    Yes, film is beautiful. As a photographer point of view, shooting film is a delight, and the mechanical feeling is a dream. But as a customer, you *might* benefit more from a photographer who shoots both film and digital rather then 100% just film.

    Nonetheless, if the photographer is good, the film look and feeling will do its magic.
  20. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    I absolutely love the colours in your photo Ned !! Post some more if you can . I'm really eager to get my hands on "my new" FM2 and start blasting through rolls :biggrin:
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