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Wedding Gallery is done!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uncle Frank, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. I just finished Nici & Cody's wedding gallery <whew!>. I've been working on it continuously since Sunday at noon, and editied and uploaded 226 pictures. Not many are contest grade, but I think every one of them will have meaning to the young couple, their families, and friends. Since Nici has many relatives in Fiji, the web gallery will give them a chance to share in the celebration not too long after the event.

    Here's a few of my personal favorites, and a link to the gallery.

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  2. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Well done Frank!

    They will be very pleased with all your hard work. And, that desert landscape shot is a real beauty too. Now, if you don't mind me saying, the crop choice of that last one bugs me, in that I feel it might be better served if it was in portrait mode without any of her left am, and only *some* of her right arm in it, maybe 1/2-2-3 of it's width. You may not agree with me, and that's fine, but I feel that her right arm looks huge and somewhat overpowering in this shot.
  3. Frank, you did an excellent job! One can really feel like he was present at the wedding only by watching your gallery. My favorite is by far the parrot :wink: but there is something that stroke me harder... where were you? Not even one little tiny one?
  4. Hey Frank, it was fun looking through the wedding images that you took. You have done a really nice job on these and the location was equal to your talent. Congratulations.
  5. Re: Well done Frank!

    Thanks, Steve! I considered cropping the arm, but left it in because it offers perspective on the amazingly tiny size of her waist.
  6. Parrot? Ahh, you don't have hummingbirds in Greece. But you do have plenty of spandex, and I'm looking to see more of it :wink:.

    No pictures of me. I'm camera shy.
  7. Glad you enjoyed it, Gordon. I hope it's given you a few ideas for your upcoming shoot. Tell you the truth, I don't even want to think about another wedding right now.
  8. Just checking... :wink:
  9. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Great job Frank! It was in last year's .. Forbes I think, that gave 'Wedding Photographer' as the most overpaid job. So now you're in the big bucks!! Yeah!!! NC/DPR guy makes the big time!!!! :)  :) 

    Just kidding but your work really does look professional and inspired. A couple of questions: How are you delivering these to your clients and are you ready for the next one?
  10. WOW!! Frank, you really out did yourself!! :D  :D  :D 
  11. Really nice job Frank. Beautiful shots, what an amazing backdrop for a reception!

    Looks like you put in many hours to capture that complete a wedding day. As much as it's still in their memory, a few years from now they are really going to appreciate having you there and the job you did.

  12. Frank,

    Well done buddy. I just did one myself last weekend and I can totally relate. Now, let us see some big $$$.
  13. I'm flattered by your comments, Chris. I still consider myself a Dilettante Appassionato (enthusiastic hobbyist), and have mostly done events for friends. But I think being an avid amateur offers some advantages to my "clients". I may not have the skills or the gear that a pro packs, but I sincerely want to please them, and don't watch the clock when it comes to taking or photo-finishing my shots. And if I can't "connect" with the customer, or be confident that I can deliver, I won't take the job.

    I've already delivered the web gallery, so they can share the pictures with their extended families and friends on a near "real time" basis. The other deliverables consist of 4x6 proofs, suitable for an album, of all the pictures (already printed at Costco and in my possession), and a CD containing all of the edited image files that they can use for reprints or enlargements.

    And, no, I'm not ready for another shoot for at least a few weeks :wink:.
  14. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    The more I look at the color/B&W shot,

    The more I like it! I love the way everyone in the bg is oof, and softly faded B&W. Other than keeping the couple in color, how did you achieve that faded oof bg look?
  15. You should be so proud of your work very professionally done, the couple will be thrilled Frank. Kudos to a job well done.
  16. Hey Frank,

    You did very, very well there: pro caliber, for sure! The couple should be very pleased, and so should you. You must be relieved that it all worked out, and exhausted from all that work... but you should be proud. The 28-70 was a very good choice. ;-) 8)
  17. You did a great job Frank. Yes, weddings are exhausting but at least the bride and groom are happy. You must be proud of this one. CHeers, S
  18. Re: The more I look at the color/B&W shot,

    The OOF background was a lens effect, Steve. The shot was taken at 70mm and f/6.3, which allowed for selective focus. As far as the other effects, I used a hue/saturation adjustment layer to de-saturate the image, and then masked off the central couple from the effect. Then I used the lasso tool to select the background, feathered the selection by a large amount (25 pixels), and moved the black output level slider till I got the desired effect.
  19. Wow, thanks! That's quite a compliment, Philippe :oops: .

    It was difficult choose it over the 17-55, Philippe, with so many people recommending the shorter lens. The 28-70 doesn't get nearly as much good press, but I thought it would suit my style better... and so far, no regrets.
  20. Thanks, Sandi. The results are a little different than the wedding work we did with our 5700s ;) .
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