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Wedding photo processing

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by icecavern, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. OK here's a question for you seasoned wedding pros :biggrin:

    How do you process images?

    What I mean is, when you see most great wedding photos they've had various effects on them to turn a good photo into something to be proud of. But how do you decide what to do, and then how do you do it :confused: 

    For example, I've just posted up some of my last wedding shots here and although I like them all ( ok the bride shots may have benefited from some fill flash ) I don't know where to start on the processing side of things :( 

    Help! :rolleyes: 
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  2. Well, I'm no expert, having shot only two weddings, but I definitely improved in my PP from my first to second... one thing I did was just to Google some wedding techniques, and I found a few pages of stuff that looked like fun, so I tried them. Otherwise, I PP a pic according to what it inpsires in me... for example, it has to be the right kind for a B&W conversion... or detail shots that might look good slightly desaturated with a little vignette. Or maybe some flowers in the shot that would look good in selective color. Here's a link to a few of the "best" from my latest wedding... maybe you'll find inspiration there. :smile: http://www.flickr.com/photos/75816832@N00/sets/72157605533402237/
  3. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    I use a combination of presets in Lightroom, Nik Efex Version 3.0 in Photoshop and some actions in PS. All images are color and exposure corrected in LR first though, and my 'best' straight color version produced first. From these, I select images that will suit my favorite effects. Which work best is really down to experience, although the beauty of LR presets is that you can just hover over the effect name and see the results in a preview window first. Nik Efex also allows a preview.
  4. Thanks Shaun. I get really stuck with PP, I do look at loads of shots, but then I get stuck knowing how to achieve the result. I'll take a look at your shots now :smile:
  5. I use Aperture for processing, I think I need to go have a look and see if it has similar things. I remember the presets in LR when I had the trial.
  6. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    Actually, it was the lack of true presets in Aperture that caused me to switch to LR. Maybe the newer versions have improved on that.
  7. I don't do the heavily processed images. I am a photographer, not a digital artist. i show my clients "straight" images so that is what they will expect when they see their proofs. This is not to say I don't correct any problems, these aren't SOOC images by a long shot.
  8. Apparently not :( 
  9. leahp26


    Apr 28, 2008
    Southern NH
    Hi Pete
    Not sure if you do everything in Aperture but if you have PS CS3 - I just finished reading Scott Kelby's 7 point system for PS CS3. I found it pretty helpful in telling me the steps to take from Camera Raw to Curves etc. Can you attend a local Aperture course? I really struggle with PP and getting realistic/consistent looks - I'm aiming to get it right in the camera but as I'm just starting out I sometimes have to PP more than I would like!
    Best of luck
  10. I do have CS3 as well yes, but tend to just use Aperture as I don't know what I'm doing with PS :lol:

    I had considered getting Scott Kelbys book, and also joining Kelby Training, but the training videos on there don't seem to be that great in number, so not sure if that would be money well spent.
  11. I just bought a Scott Kelby book, I saw the 7-point book, but chose instead a book aobut CS3 for Digital Photographers... it looked a little more comprehensive, and incudes Bridge and ACR as well. I'm looking forward to getting into it. I'm still looking around in Google to see if I can find the sites I found that had tutorials on wedding pictures... I'll link them when I find them.
  12. licaga


    Jan 7, 2008
    Peter Vooijs
    Pete this one on http://www.kelbytraining.com/instructors/scott-kelby.html
    is very good training try it and you know it the book is great .


  13. I don't do a lot of PPing work. I shoot RAW and start out in LR making any tonal adjustments that may be needed (working on not needing any of those), play with the crop and then send to PS. In PS I tweak the eyes and remove blemishes. If necessary, I'll clone something out. Slight curves adjustments and sharpening and I'm done.

  14. leahp26


    Apr 28, 2008
    Southern NH
    I original Kelby book for Digital Photographers/CS3 and liked the way it showed a bunch of "tricks" and tips and you could basically read one segment then go try it on a photo.

    I then went a bit crazy PP for a while wanting to use every trick I learnt - teeth and eye whitening, curves adjustments, sharpening, liquify tool for love handles and double chins - and people all started to look like plastic models!

    I just got the 7 point Kelby book and it's sort of repetitive but in a good way as it takes you through a workflow. I'm pretty new to PP and I've found the two books really useful (and I've bought a bunch of others that weren't even half as useful - some Adobe ones and books on masking and layers). I feel like I sort of understand some of the theory now and am starting to get my head around the PP I want to do (obviously my ultimate plan is to get the shots right in the first place!! but as I'm still learning so much it's nice to have options...)

    Have fun!
  15. Dacali


    Aug 30, 2007
    Most of the wedding photographers I keep an eye on use a Photoshop action pack like Totally Rad Actions, Kubota Image Tools, or something similar to process images to make them pop. Looks like high saturation (except for skin colors), high contrast are the in thing right now, and it's an artistic style I like. If you want a quick fix, it may be worth looking into something similar. :) 

    I prefer just sticking with curves and saturation adjustments usually though. It's cheaper, but it can be so much more time consuming if you edit each one individually!
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