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Wedding Pics! need alittle CC

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by Rverba74, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Here are some pics that I captured at a wedding, I need PP advice. Thank you.....

    The Ring shot
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    Bride & Ring Bearer
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    Flower Girl & Brides maid
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    LOL the Carver
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    This one needs alot of advice.....the entourage
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    Thanks in advance for any advice.:smile:
  2. rrx3


    Jun 14, 2008
    Wiltshire, UK
    On the ring bearer picture, I would try to fill the slight shadow on the brides face. On site, I would use a reflector. In PP I would make a colour point on the side of the face and raise the brightness slightly.
    in LR2 I would do the same with the local adjustment brush.
    Hope this helps..??
  3. I quite like some of these, although it looks like the weather wasn't on your side with the harsh sun.

    I think the problems lie with the last 3.

    The brides maid and flowergirl appears as though the WB is off, so if you shot raw this will be an easy fix.

    The carver just needs a crop to straighten it up.

    The problems with the last one are obviously the harsh shadows and sun, and the blow highlights, though I'm not sure how you would have fixed this without a hell of a lot of fill flash, or put them somewhere shaded.

    Unfortunately as a wedding photographer, we do have to work within the constraints of the weather, if the sun is harsh and you don't have the power to fill the shadows. Then they will have to be in the shade.
  4. Although not everyone is, I am a fan of fill flash. I think most of your shadows in the various pics could have been softened with some fill. The shot of the flower girl needed to be flashed IMHO.

    I agree with the comments about the harsh sun and moving into the shade.
  5. yeah, the reflector would have worked, but I was an assistant to the primary photographer and it was a quick shot to capture the moment I saw. Would you know any tips in CS3?

    Thanks again

  6. There are multiple ways to fix photos like these in photoshop. If you'd like to pick a couple of problem shots, I'll try to demonstrate.
  7. Yes, luckily I did shoot in raw so I am having fun with the fill light.

    LOL definitely the carver needs to be cropped but it was a fun shot in away. can't forget the kitchen help...

    witht the last picture the entourage is the one I am trying to fix...I work with CS3, picture people and Picasa....and tips or tricks that could help that pic?

    As a wedding photographer I am finding out all the conditions and constraints dealing with everything...it's a great challenge and very rewarding...

    THank you for your CC

  8. I agree, I did need the flash. I am using an SB400 which I definitely need to upgrade, maybe SB600????

  9. Thank you Frank, I am just having alittle trouble and any help would be appreciated.....

    Here is one that is on top of my list
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    here are just a few...Thank you so much

  10. SMH77


    Feb 11, 2006

    Did you use flash on this shot? The reason why I ask is because you may be 'bouncing off' your max sync speed in some of these pictures. If that is the case, and depending on which body you're using, they you need to set the max flash sync speed to 'Auto FP' where the max sync speed is not limited to the 1/250th of a sec or whatever it is on your body.

    The shot in this reply appears at first glance to be a good 2-4 stops overexposed (maybe more). Shooting at ISO200, Auto FP with TTL-BL turned on (-1/3 EV compensation on flash), f/5.6 to f/11 should work nicely in this situation.

    Ultimately though you'll want to try to get out of the brutal direct sunlight...

    Try these settings out for the future. In the meanwhile, you'll need to listen to others on how to photoshop these back to something more usable.

    Hope this helps,


  11. To answer your question...yes, I did use flash. Your Tips is really greatly appreciated. This information will be very very useful. Thank you so much...

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