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Wedding Portfolio for C&C

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by icecavern, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. After some advice on my PP technique I revisited the 3 weddings I have done so far and processed some of the shots again. I thought I'd upload them into a quick photoshop script gallery to get peoples comments.

    Please remember that I've only just started with shooting weddings in a more professional capacity so I'm still learning the ropes so to speak.

    But please feel free to critique any of the shots as all views help me improve. :smile:


    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: As requested here are, what I think, are the best images.






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  2. Maybe you could post a few here . I looked through a few of them , the dappled sunlight on the subject [and the dress] is a bit distracting . I liked the ones of the dancing and colourful lights .
  3. Pete.... you definitely would want to post 5 or 10 of your favorites here.... so that folks will be more likely to view them and comment
    we'd love for you to do that, please
  4. OK I've put a few in the original post for people to see. There were just too many to post all of them.

  5. I'l guessing they're not so good then?
  6. I'll add my amateur opinion if you want .
    #1 I would say the side lighting adds detail but is a bit strong .
    #2 The lighting is nice but her expression could be a bit more cheerful .
    #3 I would zoom in a bit here , the girl on the left is distracting .
    #4 difficult light to work with since they all end up with racoon eyes , maybe take them into some shade since flash would only help the front person .
    #5 I like , off camera flash would render some more detail , wider aperture would blur the background a bit more .
    #6 , maybe a levels adjustment could totally darken the background and concentrate attention on her .

    These are just my thoughts on how I personally would think of improving my own work if I had taken the pictures .
  7. I'll give you my professional opinion:

    #1. The lighting is too harsh for me. Too off camera flash. I think a bounced flash would have been nice here if it was possible. I would have also shot with a lower angle so that the glasses could have been an interesting foreground object.

    #2. I think this one is underexposed. Bring your subject out more by dodging her a bit. A soft focus filter would also be nice for her face.

    #3. I really like this shot. The windows in the background are stellar. Again, dodging the subjects in the middle and vignetting the this photo would get rid of the distractions on the side. By doing this, your eyes would gravitate to what is most important, the bride in her moment. To improve this shot, I would have shot on a low angle right to the floor to take advantage of the slight window light reflecting off the floor. You would have also got the bride and her fathers shadows as well.

    #4. Doesn't really float my boat. Sorry.

    #5. Very nice shot. I would have moved them away from the lamps a bit more.

    #6. You should crop as much as you can and lighten her up.

    Hope that helps! :) 
  8. Thanks for your comments guys, much appreciated. :) 
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