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Wedding shots , Auckland beach .

Discussion in 'People' started by Desmond, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. This is from a wedding that I did as a gift for the couple, good friends of mine [ maybe a bit of a risk ?] . I have posted this picture on another forum and the kind of comments I get are "too cheesy for my taste " and " lose the selective colour effect " . Well after visiting them and finding out that this is the one picture they are planning on having printed on canvas I have decided not to listen to any more "professional " advice on things pertaining to personal taste .

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  2. And this one was a natural pose caught while they thought I was taking picturws of someone elses so nobody can say it was posed wrong and that his arm is on the wrong position ....
    Sound a bit defensive ? :biggrin: , I suppose I should first listen to what comments I get here .:confused: 

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  3. They look like great shots to me! You appear to be using some effects that in my opinion neither add nor take away from the images themselves. i.e. selective color, sepia tone, vignette... matter of personal preferance.

    For my taste, I would suggest you crop closer to the subjects themselves and remove some of the background, especially in the first shot or at least try to clone out the building.

    In one way I like the space that you have set the subjects in and yet it takes some of the focus off them as individuals and speaks more to the sentiments artistically.
  4. What it boils down to is, who are you trying to please? Selective color has been around for a while, but it still delights the customers. I throw a few in every wedding or portrait gallery, and they're always among the most popular... with the bride and groom.

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    Don't put too much weight in the "professional advice." Very few accomplished pros spend their time in photo chat rooms. It's mostly hobbyists, like me, and pretend-pros. There's no pleasing them, so don't waste your time.

    Btw, compliments on the two samples. They're powerful and creative!
  5. Good job Desmond. I too always do a selective color image or two and they never fail to impress the bridal couple. Well done.
  6. Zee71


    Apr 1, 2007
    Queens, NY
    Nice work! I like some of your compositions.
  7. Like the others said above... selective color tends to be regarded as almost cliche on some of these forums and maybe overused. But, regardless, I have never met a customer that did not love any selective coloring that I have done. It just works! My favorite selective coloring for a wedding, and one I saw first on this forum, was the bride looking in to a mirror and only the inside of the mirror being colored. And, of course, the bride loved it when I used it. So, who cares what the pundits think. Personally, I like it myself and I enjoy yours and UF's images above. Good work.
  8. By the way, the first image not only works with the selective coloring, but it happens to be a fine B&W image in it's own right. I like the sky, the angle, and the layout.
  9. I love selective color
  10. Thanks for the upbuilding comments , I agree with the point that the forums seem to be frequented more by hobbyists who read somewhere that " long exposures of waterfalls are a bit of a cliche ' " and so repeat it thinking it sounds clever , meanwhile the images still look better than "normal" exposures and impress the crowds . Like one of my favourite "tricks" at weddings , the multi exposures . On most forums they are "overdone " and "old hat " but generally each couple is being married for the first time and they are usually very impressed by the effect and think it is "so cool " .

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  11. I see you have done what some have suggested to me before ... desaturate the colours slightly so they aren't overbearing
  12. Logan

    Logan Guest

    these are great... one thing.... there is a flesh colored piece at the bottom of the brides bouquet (im assuming her ahnd) that distracts my eye a tad... but other than that its great!
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