Weird problem with my camera !

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by JPS, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. I know it's NOT a Nikon body, but i'm kind of desperate, so i ask every place i know for help...

    I have had my Fuji S2 Pro for 2 years now and really LOVE it ! ...but recently it started having a serious problem: when using the camera outside in a temperature above 25 degrees centigrade (77 degrees Farenheit), the camera underexposes drastically all pics !

    Here's an example: i shot in Aperture priority and the meter gave 1:250 @ f/8 for ISO 100, wich IMHO is normal under a strong 4:00 PM sunshine ! But the image came out underexposed of at least 5 stops !

    Then i shot another one in MANUAL mode, setting 1:30 @ f/5.6, wich is absurd with all that light... The pic came out slightly overexposed, but not that much...
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    As soon as the camera goes back to a "cooler" environment, it reacts NORMALLY and the exposures are very precises (checked with a Minolta IV-F lightmeter)., where's the problem ? Is it the CCD or the lighmeter that is going bezerk ? Anybody experienced this ?

    Before someone asks me, i must make clear that i tried various lenses, shutter-speeds, apertures, lightmeter function (spot, matrix and center-weighted) ! So it's NOT the lens NOR a shutter-speed/aperture NOR a lightmetering method's FAULT !!!

    PS. both pics are "out of the box", only resized ! You can check the EXIF datas. Another strange thing: i tried to run PSCS "Shadow/Highlight" on the first pic, and it came out almost correct with my default settings of Shadow: 15, 50, 2 and Highlight: 15, 50, 2. ...this, of course, created a lot of noise, but it pulled out most of the underexposure !

    Please help...

  2. Jean-Pierre if you let your camera warmed up before turning it on, does it do the same thing?

    I had a bad experience once with my 5700, I took it out of the house to take a picture at low temperature and when I took the picture, the flash that was off in program gave a big burst emptying the batterie and drained it completely. I put another batterie in it and it went ok, I guess that problem might have been cause by the presence of humidity in the camera.
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    The problem has the symptoms of a board failure. The ambient temperature is enough to make that happen.

    A lot of communications techs carry portable hair dryers so they can put some heat on a component that has been "acting up" for just that reason.

    ....and maybe not....
  4. Hi Gilles ! Yes ! I can take some pics in the house, outside of the house... no problem ! Then i take the camera with me in the car -underneath the seat, so out of the direct sun-, drive 15 minutes to work, and when i get there, i get this problem of underexposure ! Same if i go for a walk... it works fine at the begining, but then after 20 minutes of walking out in the sun, BANG !
    I just don't know what to do ! Well, i know: get it repaired by Fuji, but i know the price will be very high -as allways-, so i'd like to make sure of what it is before...
  5. Hi Ken ! i guess so... I'd like to make sure, as my camera is part of the #32xxxx batch, wich is known to have serious problems with the CCD ! Usually it dies of what we -Fuji'ist- call the BLACK DEATH: suddenly the pics are totally BLACK = CCD dead ! Fuji has been repairing AT NO COST the cameras that had this failure ! the meantime, mine doesn't show exactly this symptom, it just underexpose ! Pity, as i heard of a cost of more than $1000 to repair the electronic inside.... And i'm not in condition, nor to pay this amount, neither to buy another camera !

  6. Jean-Pierre if you just take it outside the house at the same temperature does it do the same. I don't know but when i get in my car in the morning the temperature inside the car is a lot warmer than outside. If you put your camera under the seat not protected it can pick up a lot of dust and do like Ken said overheat, you often see that with a fridge, if you don't clean that grid, the temperature don't evacuate and it get warmer in the fridge, that should do the same for a camera.
  7. J-P it sure sounds like a circut board failure similar to what is occurring in some of the nikon d70 models. however after reading your post twice, one other thing worth a try for ha ha's is to try a different CF card. Probably not it, but I would try it before calling fuji. They may make the repair at no charge if the serial number batch you are in had problems as a group. I hope you well on this as I want to see more of your work.
  8. Hi Dave ! I don't think the card has anything to do with the problem, as the image apears allready underexposed on the LCD display !

    Well, i hope so, but i seriously doubt it, in Switzerland ! Anyway, i'll try...

    Woaw ! Thanks for your kind words !

  9. One thing sure Jean-Pierre it's not normal that you have problems at those temperature, I look in my instruction book for the 5700 and the operation temperature are 0 to 40 centigrade or 32-104 farenheit.