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well i jsut pre-ordered the D300S

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by Turbo V6 Camaro, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Well, I know what most think since i already have the D90

    But i think this camera will challenge me more and force me to get better, like the D90 has

    I may keep the D90 for a while and see what camera i like If the D90 is all i need i'll send the D300S back or sell it

    If the D300s great then I'll keep the D90 or sell it and buy some glass :biggrin:

    The only thing is i Know sicne i got the d300s the "D400" will come out like this year or early next year lol :rolleyes: 

    the better AF, less menus, custome banks, more Cross focus points !!! intervaolameter, and 8FPS all make it worth it for me.

    I have done a lot of thinking and research on this :) 

    i also have it set for next day dilivery and saturday dilivery if needed :biggrin:
  2. Jaytron


    Mar 22, 2009
    San Jose, CA

    Did you ever get your D90 back? I remember it was having some problems.
  3. still at nikon with both my 35 f1.8 and 300 F4
  4. GH41


    Nov 18, 2008
    You must have a lot of faith in Nikon to buy a new body after all of the trouble you have had with all of your stuff!!! GH
  5. Jaytron


    Mar 22, 2009
    San Jose, CA
    Jesus :( 

    What was wrong with the 35?
  6. Congrats on the new camera. I am curious about the statement about this camera challenging you more, and forcing you to get better. Is there something specific about it that you're referring to? Is it the lack of the scene mode dial or something? Everything else you mentioned will make things easier for you, not more challenging. :wink:
  7. LOL the 300F4 i got used so....... see below

    I have no clue it seemed sharp to me....

    I sent it in for them so they could see how loose it was when mounted on the D90, all lenses where loose tho.

    next thing i know i get

    D90 - B2 repair then B1 repair
    300f4 - B2
    35mm f1.8 = B2 :confused: 

    so not sure
  8. when i had the D40 it was more a P&S but i did try and got some good picks.

    the D90 opened up a hole new world but to be honest I don't see many pics that the D90 that blow me away.

    the D300s is a step up for me and I want to do tha camera justice.

    well see about he D90 when i get it back from nikon.

    I'm a person where if i'm board at work, I slack, If i can stay busy I kick ***. I need to stay challenged
  9. I don't think that the gear is the problem here........
  10. A.O.M.E.


    Feb 1, 2009
    The D90 isn't what creates the images that blow you away. You are.
  11. Hmmmm.... If you're not getting a certain type of image with the D90, I think you're gonna be a bit upset when the photos from your D300s look identical. Unless you have some internal picture control settings set up differently, there should be minimal difference in the appearance of the image from one camera to the other. Honestly, if you wanted to see an improvement in your images, your money would have probably been better spent on quality glass. I know the quality of my images didn't improve moving from a D80 to a D300, or from a D300 to a D3 (low light not included), but when I went from a consumer variable aperture lens to a fast f/2.8 zoom lens (or faster f/1.4 prime). My lens purchases have had a greater impact on the quality of my images than any new camera body purchase. Please don't fall into the trap of thinking a new camera is what you need to make your photos look better. The D90 is just as capable as the D300s as far as image quality is concerned.
  12. I think the issue here is that apparently your D90 was defective -- it's at Nikon now and it appears they are making a major repair to it. Your samples seemed to indicate a significant focusing issue, and that'll take the "wow" out of any image.

    Now that Nikon has apparently confirmed that your D90 was mis-focusing, I suspect that the image quality between your fixed D90 and your new D300s will be similar. It is true that for your sports shooting, you should get a higher percentage of keepers with the D300s assuming you use good technique and leverage its greater autofocus capability.
  13. :rolleyes:  did you read this thread or any of my others

    see below

    i wasn't talking about just me/my D90 i was talking about all the images i have seen from even from others.

    i have 2 primes, both well well known for exelant images. so how do i upgrade? $5000 300 f2.8 or $10K 400 2.8

    AND the faster lens i put on the more i noticed the camera issues, so since my camera was defective, per the advice of most of this board I would have had spent $5k on a new lens that did NOT/would NOT have helped.

    besides where did i say i was upgrading for IQ????

    i said
    i could add: the larger body fit my hand better, the dedicated AF on button is more the right, where on the D90 i have to poke my eye out to use the ae/al as the AF-ON :tongue:

    maybe not to most but because I'm color blind the better meter will help ME out

    I'd just like to point out that sometimes people here are very discouraging to new people. it's automatically my fault unless I'm well known or "pro". I have many threads on here admitting it was my fault and the advise helped but the images where still soft.

    Maybe you/we/the comminutiy would approach with a little more tach the posters wouldn't get defensive like i have seen in some threads. I'ts almost like some people are offended I/we/us are buying a higher end camera, witch happens to be the camera you own.

    If someone walked up to most of this community on the street, and jumped all over you for something, i'm sure it would **** you off maybe even cause a scape. thats exactly what your doing here

    KohlerImaging's post is exacly what i'm talking about, if you want to say that fine, but at least take 5 more mintes and try to offer advice.

    When i got the d90 I didn' need 6 or 8FPS. but now i started shooting other stuff and it would be nice to ahe that and the other fetureas

    i am able to hand hold 500mm at 1/40 and got sharp pictures only a few came out but i got some. So i'm sure its not the way i'm shooting. i know better then to do that but it was all the light i had and the only way to get the shot at that time.... hand hold or not have a picture.......

    I'm not trying to offend any body but it getting really furtrating that every time i post it turns into this :mad: 
  14. sports and birds are the main reason I'm upgrading for the features in my first post NOT IQ

    the first pictures with my D90 will be at the same subject to test it
  15. Who do you think will deliver consistently better pictures:
    a) A lousy photographer with the best gear, or
    b) An expert photographer with lousy gear?
  16. I think you just called me lousy... thanks !!!!:biggrin:
  17. Another thought---we never have to justify lust/NAS!!!! :biggrin::cool: :Love:
  18. yeah it not like I'm taking the money out of their pockets...... LOL

    well i kinda am, I'm a GOV contractor :tongue::tongue:

  19. AHA!!! NOW it all makes sense!!! :wink::wink::biggrin::biggrin:

    One thing you could try in the interim is to see about renting a D300 for a day or two. If you still have issues, I'd recommend that you really examine your technique. When I moved from a 4mp D2H to the 10mp D200 I found that I had several technical flaws which showed up with the denser sensor in the D200. Surprised the heck out of me, but if I had not questioned myself, I would have been sending cameras back to Nikon for no reason.

    I would not be at all surprised if on of the repairs on your D90 is the lens mount. If all of your lenses were loose, perhaps the mount itself was out of spec. If the lenses were not square to the focal plane, this could also have caused some reather weird focus issues.

    Did you ever try your lenses on another camera? I'll admit, I haven't read all your prior posts and issues, I'm too danged lazy :wink:, so just the "short version" will do ....
  20. Jaytron


    Mar 22, 2009
    San Jose, CA
    In a short he was having focus issues and on his D90 lenses wouldn't securely fasten. They had a weird "wiggle" on them when mounted.
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