West Hollywood 2005 LA Gay Pride Parade

Discussion in 'People' started by Jonathan F/2, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. West Hollywood 2005 LA Gay Pride Parade

    I was on assignment to shoot some specific people at this parade, but while working, I was able to snap some quick shots in-between takes! I was hoping for some hot girl-on-girl action, but I didn't see any of that! :cry:

    1st shot - I saw this really cute girl handing out CDs, I asked her for a quick picture...but since I was currently running down the parade route, I didn't have time to ask for her number, darn it!


    2nd shot - I bumped into a fellow Nikonian with a very cool haircut. I believe this is either Uncle Frank or Chris 101 on the cafe! :p :p


    3rd shot - These darn clowns kept getting into my shot! I told them to move, but they just kept giving me a goofy look!


    4th shot - Dissapointed that I didn't meet any hot lesbians, I saw this bikini clad go-go dancer and she insisted I take her picture...how could I say no?

  2. Hot lesbians only exist in movies, didn't you know that? :wink:
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    ROFLMAO! I think that is true too...
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    #1 is proberly a lesbian :lol: :lol:

    She kinda hot..
  5. Very nice picture Jonathan, as for the second picture i think that one of the parents of that guy was a parrot?
  6. So my friend is shooting with me and he's a Canon shooter. After comparing photos, I will never shoot with Canon! He was shooting with a 28-70 f/2.8 and even with the nice L glass, I couldn't stand the Canon look! It just makes me want to puke. Green colors, bland saturation, and the photos look life-less. I've yet to see Canon photos I like. I'm sooo glad I went Nikon. If I did any complaining about megapixels, please slap me!

    I'm also a little upset too, we did the job as a joint set as well, and I found his photos lacking. It wouldn't be a problem if his shots were strong, but now I almost regret sharing credit (and commission) with him. I initially didn't think I could handle the job on my own, but afterwards I realized my shots were pretty good. I think I work better alone... 8) 8) 8)
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    Hi Jonathan,
    beautiful photos. I like the way you achieved strong but very natural colors.
    Did you use flash for #1?

  8. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi jonathan-

    having seen the sf parade on tv, where are the photos you're not showing us :twisted: ?

    will you be heading up to SF to cover the parade here, or was the job just for la?

  9. Hi Alessandro,

    All were shot with fill-flash except for #3, which I shot with my 70-200 VR.

    I used to work post production, and it was always a pleasure working with Nikon shots because of the colors.
  10. Sorry I didn't shoot any of the muscle guys walking around in their speedos or the transvestite beauty queens wearing 10 inch heels. I know I messed up... :p

    Yeah, I was only at the parade to get some shots of Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith.
  11. I'm digging the yellow bikini Jonathan... did you at least get a CD from the first girl?
  12. Naw, I left empty handed... :(
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    Thanks Jonathan,
    can I ask you to share also some technical detail about settings? In particular for #1, #2 and #3 (those with fill-in flash, which you managed not to make it evident) did you use D-TTL matrix? And diffusion dome? What about white balance?

    Thanks again,
  14. Nothing fancy really. D-TTL Matrix, no diffusion dome, set on Flash WB. I just maxed out the shutter at 1/250th for flash sync and shot away (I'm not a big fan of FP flash mode). The D2H is so punchy with colors, I didn't even tweak the saturation. :)