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What A Memory Hog

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by TexIndian, May 28, 2005.

  1. I have been quite pleased with the portable hard drive I've been using for a couple of years now. With my D1X, I could get around 45 NEF files to a 512MB card, and it took right at ten minutes to download the card into the HD. Except in the heaviest shooting situations, I rarely had to use more than 2 cards - one in the HD and one in the camera.

    Today, I took the D2X for its first real nature shooting spree. It puts about 49 NEF files on a 1GB card and the card takes at least 20 minutes to download (these are Sandisk Extreme IIIs here, so the read speed is pretty high). It wasn't long before I had 4 cards waiting in line for downloading and it took nearly an hour and a half to dump them all. The HD dumps into the computer at home much faster, so I'm guessing the read speed of the cards is the limiting factor. And that will also put the battery in the HD to the test. That's the weak link to any HD I've ever studied. Even the best ones last for only a fraction of the drive's capacity - usually no better than 1/3.

    I guess theoretically I knew that would be the case, but geez....... Now I have to decide whether to buy more cards or another HD so two can be running at once. If I was near a power supply, I guess I could opt for the wireless transmitter to my laptop, but those plug-ins are hard to find in the boondocks. Sigh.......the problems with advancing technology.
  2. I opted for a couple of extra cards for the camera.
    It definately requires more than memory than a D1x.
  3. Remember memory prices...we'er better off by far now.

    I suspect that with plummeting CF card prices the price of storage-per-picture is way way way cheaper with the D2X than it was with the D1 or D1X.
    My first 96 meg card I bought (with a CP950) about the time the D1 was introduced(at $5000 in '99) was $300. Today that same $300 will buy you a 4gb CF card.

    Easy math:
    Files were 5x bigger.
    Memory was 40x costlier.

    Rules don't work but math rules!

    BTW I just stuck a 300gb hard drive from Costco in my Dell Precision for less than $200.

    I thought it was a bargain when hard drive prices fell to $100 a GB a short 7 years ago.
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