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What a Wimbledon Final

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by twilli53, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. I don't think I've ever seen a higher quality match, Maybe the Borg, Mcenroe tiebreaker match would rival it. I am tired from watching it. Was pulling for Rafal, but Roger made him work till the end. Amazing shot making, The return Roger hit in the 5th set at 7-6 was inhumane. Two great sportsmen, which I am proud to have seen play.
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  2. WOW is an understatement! I'm still shaking. I didn't want it to end--and I truly didn't care who won!
    How can anyone maintain that level of tennis (or any sport) for over 4 hours??? WOW!
  3. Snipps


    Oct 7, 2006
    Amazing match. I didn't take my eyes off the TV even during the weather delays. I was on the elliptical during the 5th set and I didn't even realize how hard I was working because I was so into the match. I have been a huge fan of Nadal since I saw him play at his first US open. People thought I was crazy for thinking that a lefty spaniard could end up dominating on any surface other than clay, and now I have proven them wrong. A win on hard in the fall or winter would not surprise me.
  4. I thought Mcenroe was going to cry. I was a little misty eyed myself. What a match was all I could say.
  5. the best tennis match ever played, in modern times... arguably
    i'm so glad i watched the whole thing

    congrats to BOTH men
    what an epic battle
  6. I played Tennis for 30 yrs, until I severed an Achillies Tendon twice. After the second go around I got the message and took up cycling. I was taught by an older gentleman that was an Ex Canadian Davis Cup Team member. We would sit down after practice and talk about Tilden and Budge, Kramer and lots of others. It was a life changing experience for a young lad like me to be tutored by this guy. He was in his seventies when he walked by the fence behind me one day and told me to,"roll your hand over on your backhand a bit more", (stronger grip). He liked me, and we became good friends talking for hours about the greats of the game and giving me hints. I made it to a fairly high level and 90% of what I achieved was because of him. A chance meeting which I will never forget.
  7. that is an awesome story, tim
    it was nice of you to relate it to us
  8. nancyr


    Feb 14, 2006
    La Jolla, CA
    Wowsers! A classic. Being on the west coast, I don't usually catch much of the finals. Thanks to a cat with, um, issues, we were there from the first set.

    So, anyone wonder what kind of exposures the shooters were getting toward the end? I didn't see many Nikons; then again, even the white lenses were tough to pick out.

    Great story, Tim, and bummer about the Achilles'. Ouch.

    Now where did my day go?
  9. Yes, the Achilles was a bad deal. I ask the surgeon how long until I could play tennis again. When he told me that i should start thinking about learning to walk again i knew i was in trouble. Bad thing was it was in a fun match with my wife, nothing serious. I felt something pop in the back of my neck(strange) and hit the ground. No pain for about an hour, then it came in a rush and did not leave until the meds kicked in. Six months of rehab, after four in the cast, and I was walking without a limp. Doctor told me I would have been better off breaking my leg in three places. After doing it again, I have a healthy respect for doctors opinions and a little less in my invincibillity. I left a sport that I really loved. Others have suffered far worse, I feel fortunate.
  10. :biggrin::biggrin: So, you proved them wrong? I thought maybe Rafa did that for you... :tongue::biggrin::wink:
  11. cleoent


    Dec 21, 2007
    San Jose, Ca
    i wanted rafa to win (actually more so i wanted rodger to lose) that i couldn't watch it. Especially after the gods put in a rain storm when Rafa was really kicking butt. Then he lost 2 sets in a row and i said, it's time to watching somethign else. Looks like i missed a good 5th set.
  12. Though not the best but it is close second

    It sure was one of the best tennis matches I have watched on TV. Personally, I don't consider it the best. The best in my books was when Agassi in 1999 French Open Final, after having been two sets down (1-6, 2-6) and then coming back to win the title 1-6, 2-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4

    But this one is close second.
  13. You sure missed the drama. In terms of emotions, it was probably the best of the 5 sets they played today.
  14. That was a good one:smile:. Connors come back from 2 sets down (Patrick Mcenroe) after midnight a the US Open when he was nearing the end of his career also comes to mind. Along with a few other Connors matches. Talk about emotion.
  15. It was a terrific match! I started off rooting for Rafa but his long pre-serve routine combined with plucking his rear end on the way to the service line were too much to bear. He needs a makeover and some better fitting underpants. In the end I was disappointed that Federer... a classy gentleman... lost.
  16. You're right about the pre-serve routine and the digging at his shorts Frank. It bothered me also. I thought he would get a point taken away for slow play. Roger even ask in the 5th why it was taking him so long. But I'm sure the slow play was by design, to get Roger out of his flow. Until the ref does something players will continue gamesmenship if they know it bothers their opponent. All of the greats had a pre-serve routine some faster some slower. It was the only bad part of the match, otherwise well played.
  17. It was a great match! I was rooting for Rafael all the way, even though Roger is a very talented player. Almost 5 hrs of play, with 3 rain delays in between.

    Even saw the Williams sisters play in the finals on Saturday..match was over in 2 hrs.

    Next..the US Open in a few weeks. How will Roger do, I wonder?
  18. marioni


    Jan 22, 2006
    Roger sure is on a way down. Only 2 years ago he was unbeatable.

    This year.. trashed by Đoković in Australia, humiliated by Nadal in France, now he has even fallen in wimbledon. Tough times for the man. Maybe it's time to do a "Henin", and quit while he still has some pride left?
  19. Roger has no injuries that I'm aware of. And is only 26-28. He may retool his game a bit, but I doubt you see him give it up. This match could have gone either way, so I look for him to be a force on hard surface in the future. Rafa will be too strong in Paris for a few more years.
  20. Hey, it's no shame to lose in 5 sets to a talent like Rafa. It would be quite a loss to the tennis world if he retired early. He's only 26, and still ranked #1 in the world following Wimbledon. I think he's got a few more championships in his future.

    He was diagnosed with mono in December. It's possible he's still recovering.
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