what about a new MF body from Nikon?

Mar 23, 2007
Collecchio, northern Italy
I'm wondering if a medium format body with same F Mount would be possible. Now camera makers are squeezing more and more MP in the same 24x36 sensor because mainly of a "legacy" with old film and previous cameras.. But what about making a new sensor simply larger (30x45 as Leica S2 or whatever else) while keeping the same Mount? Would it be feasible? While DX helps a lot birders and sport shooters, a larger format would benefit landscapers and studio photographers. I know that the trend us now to make camera littler than usual... But ! Might ever exist an MX format where a 35 mm is already a wide angle and a 25 mm even more?
Feb 28, 2011
Aberdeen, WA USA
I'm no expert but the focus circle from an FX lens would probably vignette on a MF sensor the
same as DX lenses do on FX sensors... So what would be the point of using an "F" mount...?

As for gaining anything by using a MF lens on FX you wouldn't... You would simply get an FX
crop which would be equivalent to the same angle of view as any regular FX lens of the same
focal length...

In other words: A 35mm MF lens used on an FX camera would give you the same image as
any regular 35mm FX lens used on an FX camera... :wink:
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Aug 13, 2013
French-Canadian from Montréal, living in Austria

Everything said about the lens limitation is right!

I would add that since Nikon raised the bar to 36+MP,
the 50MP may not be out of reach.

I think there might be a limit to the pixel count with
the actual sensor technologies…

But we have seen revolutions before!
Apr 15, 2008
Miami, FL
The pixel density at 50Mp on a 35mm sensor would require some sort of new technology to compensate for the tinier well sizes. Nikon and other sensor makers have stuff on the drawing boards (and patent offices) that will cover this kind of stuff, but we'll have to see how much of it will see the light of day.

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