What are the "required" Yellowstone ...

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  1. and Grand Teton National Park shots I should try to get, based on your experience?

    We will be going there shortly, and I want to make sure I hit the best areas for photo ops.

    Please feel free to post your images!

  2. Grand canyon of the Yellowstone, upper and lower falls. Rustic falls, Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful basin, including Morning glory pool. Firehole basin area. Tower Falls, nice opportunities for open landscape shots between Tower and Mammoth.
  3. At Teton park I'd look at Oxbow bend, Snake River overlook, Schwabacher Landing, the barns on Mormon Row as the familiar places.

    There are many others. Search for Terri French's posts from her recent visits to the park.

    Have fun. It's a magical area. I can't wait to get back there again.
  4. Thanks for the pointers, all!

    I will be sure to do the recommended reading and will mark key locations on my map before we go.
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