What dpi for good 11x14 print?

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  1. Hi all. I have a few pics that, after cropping, works out to be about 150dpi. The 8x10 looks real nice, but not having a larger printer yet, working on getting my 1800, would like to know how to get the best out of this dpi for a 11x14 print.

    Thanks all
  2. When I scale my images to print I always set them at 300 but it's PPI, pixels per inch rather than DPI, dots per inch. I use Photoshop and when I go larger I use the resampling option Bicubic Smoother. If I go smaller I use Bicubic Sharper.

  3. Thank you so much:smile:!! The light bulb just came on about all this:biggrin:. As they say, by george I think she's got it!!

    Thanks again
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
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    Mine get printed at 300
  5. I use 360 ppi since Epson will support up to that. Unlike conventional wisdom, I resize larger using Bicubic sharper in most cases (can change based on the image.) For a really detailed large print, you really need to over sharpen to the point the image looks over sharpened and noisy.

    The final output will NOT look over sharpened or noisy. I go up to 17 x 24 doing this (my printer wont print any wider than that.)

  6. Interesting. What printer are you using?
  7. Epson 3800
  8. Please explain further. How do you decide when to use Bicubic Sharper vice Smoother based on the image? Can you post an oversharpened sample of the type you print using your process?
  9. I sharpen and then resize and look at the results. Trial and error has allowed me to eye-ball it now. I can try and post an image, but I'm not sure it will come out right since I have to downsize for the web. I will try later today when I have more time to futz around with it.

    This picture when printed the way I do, you can clearly and sharply see the shutters of the windows on the house in the distance when printed 11x17. No halo's....


  10. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Maybe you could just post a small piece of an image at 100% so we can see the effect.

    I'm beginning to wonder how much different the smoother and sharper resampling algorithms are.
  11. Here is an example, I tried to make it as small as possible, it is still pretty big. I used smart sharpen then resized to 11 inches on the short side using bicubic sharper. Then ran sharpen again. If I was really going to print this I would have used the lasso tool and just grabbed the rocks and foreground for sharpening. But I wanted to show how noisy and over sharpened the whole thing is. It doesnt translate well on the web, on my monitor it is a lot more over the top.

    I'm just inserting the link so those that don't want to see the pic' aren't getting a slow loading page.

  12. How about trying Qimage Pro? You just send the file to the application without needing to rescale it. QImage will internally rescale it to 600dpi (for Canon and HP printers - I think it rescales to 720dpi for Epson) using an advance re-scaling method.

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