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What firmware version on YOUR D200?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by spalding12, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. i have been shooting the D3, exclusively
    having just updated the firmware on the D3... and knowing that i've never done that on my D200

    what firmware is in YOUR D200?
    did it help to "improve" your camera?

    thanks, in advance
  2. I sold my D200 but version 2.0.0 is the latest.


  3. Mine came with the latest pre installed so I can't comment on improvements.

  4. i appreciate the replies
    i update to 2.0
    not sure it makes the kind of difference that D3/D300 updates do
    probably not

    ought to sell mine, as well
  5. I didn't know about the upgrade until you mentioned it (where've I been!?).

    Looking around the 'net, it looks like it only adds a couple of menu items for the D200 (wireless remote and image authentication).

    There's a whole slew of things for the D2X/D2H though.

    This page has some info on it.
  6. Update: Actually, I already had the latest firmware. The Nikon page makes it look like it was new in January - it isn't. The latest firmware came out in 2006! :tongue:
  7. hmmmm
    that's weird
    now that they've discontinued it... i guess there will be no further updates
  8. I don't recall any noticeable differences when I updated the firmware.

    Greg, for what the D200s are bringing used now, don't you have any kids or relatives you could give it to? I'm planning on keeping mine after the D700 for a backup and body my son can use, and if I eventually get the 300, I'll give the 200 to him permanently...
  9. my wife shoots it now
    i wish i could get my daughter interested in using it.... i really do

    the 17-55 mounted on it now
    wish someone would use it
  10. When I got my D200 back from Nikon in February, they had updated the firmware to the latest version. I didn't notice any difference.

    I can help you with that D200 & 17-55. Just send it out west and I'll be sure it gets the attention it deserves!
  11. i appreciate that offer, brian
    i really do :smile:
  12. Image Authentication and Wireless Transmitter WT-3 added. I would like to use the 2nd sometime in the future. It would only be an improved modification if you actually use them, right?
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