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What happens if...

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by Czechman01, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Sorry for all these sophomoric questions... I got my first Mac in '87 and over time I've just NOT been able to keep up with the technology. When OSX came out I was lost in the dust. But I digress.

    Okay let's say I buy an iPhone, get all my music loaded and I drop the thing in the bay. I'm sure I could just go buy another iPhone and have my phone setup again but what about my music?

    From what I understand you are only allowed to keep copies of what you buy on a fixed number of devices. Can the people at the Apple store "reset" that limitation in case I was at the limit when I loaded the music on the iPhone?

    How does that work?
  2. The music would all be on your MAc. You manage it there with iTunes and then transfer what you want to your iPhone or iPod. So if you drop your iPhone and Mac in the bay you have lost evrything - unless you made a backup.
  3. peterparker


    Jun 2, 2006
    Apple's DRM allows content on 5 computers. You can authorize and de-authorize them via iTunes, including reseting your authorized computers to 0. iPods do not count towards that number, but I'm not sure how iPhones are handled since it can purchase content directly from the iTunes Store.

    Authorization FAQ
  4. Don't have a Mac or an iPhone/iTouch, but I have been looking into it. I understand what you guys are saying about iTunes and such, but what about sounds you download directly to your device? Is it just a matter for ensuring you syncing with your desktop?
  5. That's a good question about whether or not an iPhone would be included in that 5 authorized devices..... I don't think it is because I've got 4 authorized computers and the current 3G iPhone and my old iPhone. I have no problems in updating either iPhone and playing music on either of them or on any of the 4 authorized Macs.
  6. ChrisA

    ChrisA Guest

    The answer may change on September 9th. Apple has an "event" schedules where they will talk about new iTunes/iPod related stuff. We don't know what they will say but people are betting on a major revision to iTunes and some new iPod devices

    In the past Apple has not placed limitation on the number of portable devices music may be loaded onto. This is in their own self interest (so as not to limit the number of iPods you can buy and use) so I doubt they will change this policy. You should be able to toss any number of iPhones and iPods into the bay.

    In any case the limitation only applies to DRM'd music you buy from Apple (Not all of Apples music is DRM'd). It never applied to music you buy from other sources (like Amazon.com) or music from your own CD collection. If you don't buy DRM'd music from Apple the entire issue is moot.

    But wait for the 9th. I doubt they will invite the press and have Steve Jobs go on stage just to announce that "the iPod Nano case is now 15 millimeters taller, Thanks for coming, Good Night". They have some kind of surprise planned. My guess is an end to this DRM stuff.
  7. Thank you to everyone who responded... you all should work at Apple Technical Support!
  8. i have some or all of my 10,000 mp3s on 8 different iPods, including 2 iPod touches...
    there is no limit... that i've ever seen imposed on me

    i sync them all with my powerbook G4... on which i am typing now
    apple would be foolish to change this "no-limit" policy since NO OTHER DEVICE on earth.... ZUNE, etc has such limitations
    apple owns the marketplace for mp3 players
    imposing limits will only serve to chip away at their supremacy
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