What is photography to you?

Mar 4, 2005
Portland, OR, USA
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UncleFrank said:
realeyz said:
Yes but the point of my post was that "accurate" color balance doesn't really exist unless
you use something other than the human eye to measure the colors of not only every color in the scene
but also the picture in order to match them perfectly - even this won't matter much as each person
viewing the photo will perceive it a bit differently.
Let's take the leaves on a tree, illuminated by the sun at 3PM. They are a specific shade of green. My
eyes/brain may see it as blue-green, while yours see it as red-green. But if you have the proper white
balance on your camera, the result will satisfy each of our senses of reality, even though they differ. Right?
Yes Frank you are totally correct - in theory.

Let me give an example:

Take 20 very high color standard photographers to the scene of the tree and leaf and sun and have one take a photo with the best white balance that can be achieved. Now all 20 photographers go back to the house and they open the file on the computer and all look at it. Do you think all 20 of them will see the same exact color balance as the scene and agree the white balance is spot on? In theory they absolutely should yes IF each persons brain did the exact same trick in the fild as it did at home looking at the monitor, but in reality each persons brain works differently in different situations in altering colors to more closely make lighting look neutral.

And when you add in the fact that a scene is composed of so many different lights and temepratures and reflections and bounced light with different temperature and you eye/brain combination doing many different tricks to alter each of those lights to become more neutral you have an exercise in futility to try and get your camera to white balance most scenes properly.

Am I making any sense or am I totally out in left field?
Feb 22, 2005
Athens Greece
realeyz said:
What is the purpose of photography for YOU the photographer? Why do you love photography?

What role does photography play in your life? Who do you imagine viewing your photos when you are taking them? Is it important for many people to view them (ala the web or public gallery) or only personal family and friends? What part of the process do you enjoy the most? The least?

This is primarily aimed at non-professionals but certainly applies to anyone who spends time taking pictures for personal enjoyment.

If you would be so kind as to share those reasons I think we can all learn a lot more about each other, I would love to hear individual responses from many different photographers perspectives.
Todd, heavy issue but I like it... so,

I started taking pictures at the age of hmmm 6 or 7 because I saw my father doing it! So, I was given a Kodak instamatic, and voilla... 8)

Growing up -and as a VERY active kid I was, doing numerous things- I wanted to take pictures of them so I can remember them or show them to my peers... :wink:

Now, I have discovered I "arrarge" my activities JUST to take the picture.

I remember, I wasn't thinking of rivers and water and rafts, but when I imagined the photo of a raft in white waters... or sky-diving, or MTB, or scuba, or trekking or traveling... OK OK I don't do all these just for the shake of photography but UNDER THE PRISM of it... :shock:

That's why I feel EMPTY when I don't have a camera with me... :D
Feb 3, 2005
Durban, South Africa

Well, there was a great post in DPR (on one of the non-equipment forums) made by a very good photographer. I'm a bit tired, so I can't remember who it was, so I'll quote it with apologies to that person..
It went something like this..

"I play the music, because the music is in me"

I guess for me that about sums it up. I see things in the world that I find ironic, happy, sad, unusual, and I feel driven to express my personal perceptions of that moment. I'm not very technically skilled, and sometimes I think that lets me down, but really, I'm driven by some force I can't really understand to express my personal world view. I've stopped trying to understand it.

A few months ago, I was in a semi-antique shop. There, in the centre of a table was a pile of outstanding images, landscapes and portraits taken in Black&White probably during the fifties. There were some lovely faces, one that struck me in particular was a girl called "Edna". She was beautiful - today, if she is still alive, I guess she must be in her eighties. The whole collection, probably someone's lifetime hobby, was on this table for USD100, give or take. Sometimes I find photography very sad..the beautiful face captured for a moment...the thought that my passion will end up in a junk store one day...Dunno, all life can be poignant. Maybe that's why I record it. Maybe photography adds meaning to life..there are very few possesions that actually are life-altering. I think a camera is one of the few that can be life altering.

I usually try not to think about all this too much! Please, dear reader, excuse my ramble...

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