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  1. How is shopdigitaldirect.com showing the d 700 for $1999 plus tax ? I put it in my cart and it is still $1999 plus tax. I tried calling, they are not open today, will be open tomorrow. I am tempted to buy it with my amex card, so I can return it with no problems if I need to. It also has a USA warranty, I don't know if it is the same USA warranty given with other nikons. I will wait until tomorrow so I can get a person on the other end to find out exactlly what I will get with my d700, in or out of box, cables, manual, etc. I need to know the catch. Just curious.
  2. when will folks ever learn
    when a price it TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.....
    it's because IT ISN'T TRUE

    simple as that
    buy from reputable dealers
    the camera is NEW
    there WON'T be any deals
  3. Thanks, I knew there was something not right there.
  4. I highly recommend you not do it.
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    It is fantastic that such reseller ratings sites are available, but just a shame that people have to be the first guinea pigs to be bait-and-switched to be in a position to warn everyone else.

    And even more of a shame that there are a lot of people who don't check this out and benefit from the knowledge gained.