What is the exposure latitude like on the D3?

Jun 20, 2006
Pennines UK
I have a D2X and a D40, with the D2X you have to nail the exposure dead on for noise free images, even as low as ISO 200. Now i'm not talking about general noise but the ability to push and pull an image with shadow detail and highlight recovery.

The D40 seems to be very happy with under exposure up to about ISO 800, and i know the D40's 6mp sensor has photosites not far off the D3's in size (though a much older sensor design). The D40 can be prone to some highlight clipping though.

What do others find with the D3? Is it even close to the S5's ability?


What do others find with the D3? Is it even close to the S5's ability?

From reading mostly Thom Hogan and some others (I don't own either camera), it appears that the Fuji S5 has more headroom but you can push the D3 files more. Exposing both cameras optimally they get close to the same DR; slightly more for the S5, but lots more resolution for the D3. For high ISO there's no comparison, even the D300 can do as well as the S5 in that regard (the S5 uses small auxiliary sensors to capture highlight detail, but those are of no real use in preventing noise in underexposed shots which is what high ISO really is).
May 8, 2005
Orlando, FL
Highlight recovery is superior on the S5, but noise handling is better on the D3. The latter is much better at highlight recovery than the D2x, and waaaay better at noise.

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