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What is the verdict on D700 vs. D3 AF?

Discussion in 'Nikon FX DSLR Forum' started by gilbert, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. gilbert


    May 6, 2005
    So. CA
    For those with both a D700 and D3, what is the verdict on the AF performance between the two? I've read reviews that say that they are exactly the same to others that say that the D700 AF is no better than the D300. I'm specifically interested in the AF performance with non-AFS lenses as well as AFS lenses. TIA.
  2. D700/D3 51pt 3d are the same. I compared them against the D300
  3. And, can you tell us how you reached this complicated conclusion? Show us the link to your scientific testing. You do own both don't you?:smile:
  4. There is NO difference, NON, NADA, only $2000 for other stuff,
    I had my D3 friend jumping and dancing while shooting in burst mode, the in-focus ratio for the D3/D700 was about %90 and %40 for the D300, FOR MORE INFO, pLEASE refer to more sophisticated reviewers such as Bjorn, but I dont have the time for scientific testings, I am just saying THE D3 and the D700 Focus in the same way according to my limited, ignorant, no-scientific tests....
  5. That's about what I thought.:biggrin:

    But when a few people compare the two bodies shooting BIF or fast race cars close in, and then say they are equal, I would be more inclined to accept the results of the test. Without any disrespect for Bjorn, his subject matter may not be as demanding. The
    D3 operates using 11.1 volts, the D700 operates from 7.1. There should by all rights be more power available for the various functions such as focusing. Have you ever noticed how much faster your camera focuses with a fresh battery?
  6. WHY is it so many D3 owners want to believe that the D700 is inferior to there expensive D3.... Non of you had tried in in practice, but will rush to bash the D700, even to the extent of the silly battery voltage argument.... The D3 is a 7 series/2007 BMW and the D700 is a 5 series/2008, does the 7 series run faster...do you really think nikon will castrate the D700 so the D3 users will feel better, given that the D3xxx is due soon....
    PLEASE DO NOT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS unless you have had the pleasure to compare the D700/D3 and the D300 head to head.
    The D700 performs just as good as the D3 based on my practical experience.
  7. Nobody is bashing the D700, I own one. I also owned the D3 and the D700 at the same time until last week when I sold it to another member of this forum. Do you want to know who? Did you own both? But you seem to justify buying the D700 over the D3 because it's just as good. It probably is very close but is it mostly about money? The first thing that comes up is that it performs just as well and cost $2000 less. Forget the cost, which is the best Nikon camera body? We don't really know if it's just as good at this point and you saying it is by seat of the pants testing is meaningless speculation. You borrowed another one and compared it without having a D700 at the time, c'mon. If you owned a D3 you might be saying it's closer to the D300.
  8. I've got both, and I've said I can't see any difference.
  9. Phillip Ino

    Phillip Ino

    Nov 26, 2007
    Man, am I glad to hear that! :biggrin::biggrin:
  10. Pretty obnoxious comment to someone who was just offering his opinion to the OP regarding his own personal experience with both cameras.

    Since when do we have to validate our observations here with scientifically based research?

    Basharar has used both cameras. He didn't see any difference in the focus systems. Shouldn't that be enough for him to lend some input to this discussion without him being attacked for not elucidating his scientific methods?
  11. Well, it certainly wasn't meant that way but I did own both cameras and used them as well. He hasn't owned both cameras at the same time. Did you read all of the replies in the thread before you made your comment?
  12. I don't trust the scientists either. Yet, I shoot birds. The D300 is great when the bird is not moving or when it is "easy, such as a nig, slow egret flying by. Before I buy a new body, I would want to hear from people who shoot what I shoot. I think people who post saying one is as good or not as good as the other should tell what subjects they shoot.
  13. I agree and that was my point in the first place.
  14. GeneC, I can get the D3 for $3800 straight from japan and money is no object, but I paid a premium for the D700 because I like the size. I did test the D3 and the D700 and the D300 AT the same time, in fact I am selling my D300 soon...I am not a pixel peeper or a tech square, so yes maybe the D3 is <=> D700 by a percentage that does not interest me as an amateur photographer
  15. Zorki1c


    Jul 9, 2008
    Boise, Idaho

    I guess my question is if someone owned both cameras, why are they asking someone else which one is best and then dissing them when they offer an opinion?
  16. Yes I read all of the replies in the thread before my comment. At no time did he say he didn't own both cameras. In fact, he did own both cameras.

    I fail to see why you invalidate his observations just because he cannot provide some benchmark scientific research to support his findings.
  17. +1

    I rarely write to complain about other people's posts, but this one really just irked me. Don't like someone's opinion, just ignore it. Don't belittle their opinion because it doesn't meet your own concept of scientific research.

  18. I think the only way this topic will be truly settled is if you have three photographers side by side with each camera (D3, D700 and D300) with the same glass and same AF/shooting settings in place. Have them all shooting various difficult subjects like fast race cars coming toward the camera, or birds in flight, or whatever you find difficult to focus on, and see which ones come out with the most keepers.
  19. No Mitch,

    I'm sorry he did say possibly in another thread that he borrowed a D3 from a friend for a day or so. He has not owned both cameras as evidenced by his post above. I owned both cameras not him:smile:

  20. Ok, fair enough. That is a great explanation and I'm sure many of us feel the same way :smile:

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